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    10 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Hi cna i have permission if i can use some of your pictures for my school ibook project. If you want i will make sure to give credit. THANK YOU!

    2. Hi.. I’m doing research on Eriberto “Berting Buta” Montenegro, a Cebuano composer from Dalaguete. (Composer of the song Lagkaw). I was told he is buried at Carreta Cemetery. I need historical data (date of birth, death) and this could be seen in the grave marker. Would you know if people there know his gravesite? Thanks

      1. Hi Fr. Hermel! Is that the Carreta Cemetery in Cebu City? Would you know the year of composer’s demise? He should be considered as a national treasure for the timeless songs he had composed one of which is Lagkaw, our family’s old time favorite.

    3. Hello sir/mam, nag need unta kog graffiti artist para sa balay Nako kural . If Naa plss email me.. or send me a cell no. Salamat lapupu amo loacation

    4. Good Day Leylander, your website seems to be not on its usual self. it keeps redirecting to another site, I’m using safari. you might want to look into it.

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