• What is MCPB?
    MCPB means My Cebu Photo Blog. It is a photo blog about the island province and city of Cebu in the Philippines.
  • Why the lame site name?
    I don’t know. I thought it was cool when I created the site.
  • Why blog about Cebu?
    Why not? A lot of things are happening in Cebu. Cebu has A LOT to offer.
  • What is the difference between a blog and a photoblog?
    A blog is an online journal. Blogs may also contain pictures. Photoblogs are just exaggerated versions of blogs.
  • What inspired you to start a blog?
    I have no idea.
  • Aside from showing photos, what else has MCPB done?
    Well, uhmmm, let’s see. Uhmmm, I’m not sure.
  • Are site hits redeemable?
    Sadly, they aren’t.
  • What happens when you reach 10 million hits?
    I become rich! I kid. Nothing happens.



  • Who owns/maintains MCPB?
    The site is owned and solely maintained by Leylander.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can email me – leylander [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] ph.
  • When did you start photo blogging?
    I started blogging November of 2006.
  • You’re always online. Do you have friends in real life?
    Yeah. I’d like to think so.
  • How often do you update MCPB?
    It depends. If I have materials to post, I can and will post every day.
  • Are you a professional photographer?
    I wish!
  • Where do you get all your information?
    Friends, the Internet. I also read the papers.
  • Do you have a Flickr account?
    Yeah. Flickr, actually, is the host of the photos in MCPB. That means I upload the photos there so that you can see them in MCPB.
  • How long will this photoblogging last?
    I’m not sure. I might lose interest this afternoon.
  • Do you have other blogs?
    I have a personal travel blog which is painfully boring and an events blog a few people visit.
  • Do you know other Cebuano bloggers?
    Yes. I personally know a LOT of them.
  • Why do you work alone?
    Because it’s easier. Also, the other guys are so busy with their own blogs.



  • What/Who is SATCHMO?
    Satchmo is a toy cow. He is the official mascot of MCPB.
  • Why is SATCHMO traveling?
    I have no idea. Just for kicks, I guess? No. He’s traveling because he wants to conquer the world.
  • Is SATCHMO the official mascot of MCPB?
    Yeah. I already made that pretty clear.
  • What is the cow’s gender?
    He is a guy cow.



  • Who owns the photographs in this photoblog?
    I own the photographs posted here. Unless of course indicated that they are not mine.
  • How can I get an original copy of a photo?
    Just email me and I’ll look for the photos.
  • What type of camera are you using?
    I used to have a Kodak point and shoot. Then, when it conked out, I got a bigger Kodak digital camera which was given to me by the readers of MCPB. Then, it too died and I used a canon point and shoot for a while (given by Sir Fred.) I’m now using a Nikon D5000.
  • Why aren’t your shots nice?
    Uhmm, I don’t know. I’m not a professional. Now go away!



  • How can I access MCPB?
    Just type https://mycebuphotoblog.com
  • Why can’t I access MCPB?
    It’s either you don’t have a connection, or the server is down or your IT has blocked MCPB or I’ve deleted the site altogether.
  • Who can leave comments?
    Anyone can leave comments.
  • How do I leave a comment?
    Go to the end of the post and write your comments (two options: the regular comment section and the Facebook comment section) then press ‘Done’ when you’re done.
  • Why are my comments not showing up?
    It’s either you laced your comments with links which are read as SPAM or your comments are so bad that I’d have to delete them.
  • Can I contribute photos and articles?
    Sure! Send them in!
  • Why do I have a freaky headshot when I post comments?
    They’re automatic headshots. Or your profile pick is just nasty.
  • How can I have a headshot of my choice?
    If you want to see your face there, create a wordpress account and upload your own photo.
  • How can I find the latest updates?
    Just go to the ‘Recent Post’ in the sidebar.
  • How can I bookmark the site?
    While on the site, click on Favorites then press ‘Add to Favorites’. The link should appear in your Fave list.
  • Can I invite you to cover an event?
    What? Free food?



  • How can I read the complete post?
    Dude, just click on the post title.
  • What does the HOME link do?
    The link will take you to the very main page of the blog. The main page contains the ‘recent posts’ as well as all other important links.
  • What does the ABOUT link do?
    The ABOUT link talks about what this photoblog is all about.
  • What does the SINULOG link do?
    The link will take you to the page where info about the Sinulog Festival can be seen.
  • What does the CEBU link do?
    The link will take you to the page where basic information about Cebu can be seen.
  • What does the SATCHMO link do?
    The SATCHMO link will take you to Satchmo’s page. It will also take you to the page where he is with friends.
  • What does the CONTACT link do?
    This link will will take you to the page where you can leave Leylander a short note.
  • What does the SEARCH box do?
    If you are looking for a particular post, key in a few words which would describe the post in the search box.
  • What exactly does your Creative Commons License do?
    It means that anyone caught using my photos without my permission will be PUNISHED ed gein style.
  • What are CATEGORIES?
    Entries are automatically arranged by keywords. You may search the site using your preferred category.
  • How do I remove my comments?
    All comments are permament. Unless they’re very disturbing and psychotic.
  • How do I remove MCPB from my favorites?
    Click on Favorites and right-click on MCPB. Then press Delete.
  • Can I chat here?
    That won’t be a bit of a problem.
  • Can I greet my friends here?
    Why not? Go ahead.
  • Can I find a life partner here?
    Uhhmm. I’m not sure about that one…

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