10,000 Roses Cafe: Cordova’s Ten Thousand Blooms

Last February 5, a new tourist destination opened in Cebu. Although it is not your typical tourist spot (as it is a coffee shop,) news of its very interesting ‘feature’ quickly spread on social media. And in less than a week, this new cafe broke the local Internet, became everyone’s obsession, and made headlines. Quite interesting, right? While other companies spend gazillions on marketing and promotions, this one, several miles from mainland Cebu, is suddenly what everyone was talking about.

Well, I was one of the first few to visit the place before it completely took over everyone’s news feeds. And while I can say that I have been to other more note-worthy destinations here in Cebu, I must say that the 10000 Roses Cafe in Cordova is indeed a sight to behold.

Here are some of the photos I took two days after its media launch.

10000 Roses Cafe and More is located in Barangay Day-as in Cordova. If you’re familiar with Lantaw Floating Restaurant, the new cafe is located within the same complex.

News of this particular spot quickly spread. Thanks to social media and the Cebuanos’ thirst for things that are new and ‘Instagram-worthy,’ this quiet barangay in Cordova quickly became everyone’s must-visit selfie destination.

It was already almost 5:00 pm when I arrived. You’d think that a huge political rally had just ended. Yep, it was that crowded.

At first glance, and especially from this angle, the famed ‘rose fields’ do not seem so special.

But when viewed from a different angle, it becomes difficult not to appreciate it. In all honesty, the whole place looks really stunning.

Despite the crazy number of people in the area, one can still imagine how the place would look like when no one else is around. And it’s gorgeous!

Right at the heart of the property is a small concrete one-storey structure that serves as the main cafe.

As expected, the cafe was packed.

At the back of the cafe, and on the lawn facing the sea and Metro Cebu, several tables and chairs (and people) can be seen.

The rooftop, which was closed on that day, offers an even better view of the ocean, the fields of white roses, and the mangrove forest of Cordova.

At 6:00 pm, to everyone’s surprise, the roses lit up.

Everyone went crazy! (It was at this point when people got extremely rowdy and some flowers ended up getting destroyed. We’d noticed earlier that two guards weren’t enough to control the huge crowd.)

Anyway, I was able to take three Panorama shots of the fields. The first one was at 5:00 pm. [Click for bigger photo.]

The second one was at 6:00 pm. [Click for bigger photo.]

And the last one was at 7:00 pm. [Click for bigger photo.]

Overall, I think 10000 Roses Cafe and More is a pretty interesting place to visit. It’s definitely something most Cebuanos would really appreciate. The natural beauty of Cordova, too, makes the place even more beautiful.

To know more about 10000 Roses Cafe and More, check out this article on TheCebuano.com.

Have you been to 10,000 Roses Cafe? What do you think of this new tourist destination?

3 thoughts on “10,000 Roses Cafe: Cordova’s Ten Thousand Blooms

  1. salamat nasad bai, bag-o lang ko naka kadungog ko bahin aning 10,000 roses, pero bisan wah ko kita, ni-a imong kanunay nga masaligang photo blog 🙂 dili gyod ma biya-an mga updates 🙂

  2. I also was there with my Princess and same as you described, it was very crowded and it took us sooo long to come there through the terrible traffic jam because of the narrow road to lantaw restaurant. For myself it was nice to see the roses during de sunset starts shining, but I was more impressed from the nice fiew of the sun, diving into the see and the city centre at the other side of the bay in the night. But my Princess enjoyed the roses very much and that’s the most important for me at all…..

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