Skywaterpark Cebu: An Exciting Escape

A couple of years ago, I was invited by the Skywaterpark Cebu team to visit their location in Mandaue City for a quick preview. The place was still being constructed then and they were just inviting selected individuals and media teams to drop by for a sneak peek. Naturally, I said yes because this was (and I believe still is) a huge deal.

The concept of Skywaterpark Cebu is pretty new to Cebuanos. This is, after all, the very first waterpark in Cebu which is built above ground (on top of a mall, at that.) The waterpark sits on top of J Centre Mall and right next to the Toyoko-Inn in Mandaue City.

So check out the two set of photos that I took. The first one was taken during the sneak peek and second one was taken just a couple of days before the park actually opened to the public.

First off, here’s a great view of Metro Cebu from the pool area of Skywaterpark Cebu. Here, you can see the then-being-constructed Bai Hotel right across Park Mall.

In this photo, you can see the other structures in NRA (North Reclamation Area) as well as the iconic (and unmistakable) giant beer bottle of San Miguel Beer.

The fun area for kids (with three spiral slides) being constructed.

The area for the open-air restaurant with an amazing view of the Cebu Business Park.

The guitar-shaped central pool at the foot of Toyoko Inn.

A concrete bridge that takes guests to the pool island where the Jacuzzi is located.

The infinity pool which gives guests an amazing view of Mandaue City, the Mactan Channel, and the island of Mactan.

The Jacuzzi right at the heart of the water park.

The swim-up bar located at the mouth of the infinity pool.

The central pool and a view of the skyscrapers of Cebu City.

A few months later, I returned to the park (again, by invitation) to see some updates. Of course, you guessed right. I thought that the completed park looked amazing!

The children’s pool with three slides looking gorgeous.

The children’s pool in action.

Sunbeds surrounding the park’s different pools.

The Jacuzzi and the infinity pool.

The swim-up bar looking pretty cool.

The infinity pool which offers a great view of Mandaue City.

Lifeguard patrolling the park grounds.

View of the Mactan Bridges as seen from the infinity pool.

Lifeguard making sure everyone is safe.

The central pool at dusk.

The foyer area where guests can sign up for a membership or pay the entrance fee.

Skywaterpark Cebu’s mascots Seb, Bo, Juan, and Noe.

Outdoor showers located near the central pool.

Clean, well-organized, and well-lit locker, shower, and changing room.

The central pool and the children’s pool (for safety reasons, the children’s pool closes at 6pm.)

The central pool and the 18-storey Toyoko Inn.

The dining area of Skywaterpark Cebu.

Now, Cebuanos need not travel very far to enjoy a cool and refreshing swim in the middle of a busy work-week. Just 30 minutes from Cebu City, Skywaterpark Cebu is truly an exciting and unique escape we all could use when the going gets tough.

For a full list of rates and fees, check out this post from TheCebuano.

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