Retracing Steps in Gawaygaway, San Remigio

Gawaygaway is a barangay in the town of San Remigio in Cebu. This small cluster of houses rests a few kilometers from the main national highway, in the middle of sugarcane plantations, corn fields, and coconuts.

Read on to find out why we decided to visit this sleepy yet gorgeous little barangay up north.

We went to Gawaygaway to visit a man who was very close to my uncle. During his ‘forgettable’ juvenile days, when he decided to leave the city to look for ‘himself,’ this man welcomed him to his home with open arms.

On the way to San Remigio, we made a quick stop somewhere in Sogod.


Finally, after more than an hour, we finally arrived in Barangay Gawaygaway!

After traveling for several minutes through sugarcane fields, we saw cornfields. A clear indication that we were close.

More corn!

Finally, several minutes later, we reached Gawaygaway Elementary School. This small barangay school only has 7 classes and 8 teachers. Isn’t that amazing?

Since it was the weekend, there were no students inside the school.

Satchmo and the classrooms.

Yay! I’ve finally seen Mabolo!

It was a very dry and hot summer!


After the quick stopped, we moved towards the home of the man we were visiting. They prepared two manok bisaya (Chicken Bisaya) when we reached the place. Definitely the best-tasting manok sinabawan (Chicken soup) EVER!!!!!

After lunch, I did a bit of exploring.

Carabao behind the house.

Through the fields.

Do they travel here at night?

A nice looking river.

Yes, bikes go through this trail.

24 thoughts on “Retracing Steps in Gawaygaway, San Remigio

  1. What a beautiful place! Lami kaayo nang nilat-an nga manok with kamunggay. As you can see, I miss kamunggay very much so!=) Satchmo, is such a lucky dude.=) I feel sorry for that poor dog!!

  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hi Ley, nice to hear that you’ve been to the north. I have cousin
    in Ampungol Sogod w/c is far from the main road. I’ve been there once
    thats July 2001riding habal2x. OMG scarry ride. Mag anag ta me ug mais
    kaso lang gagmay pa diay. Kalame sa inyong lunch oi.

    Grabe ang yuta nag leke2x. Drought pod me dre sa OZ. Tubo i dont thing so
    na maka pang-us pako, due to my teeth problem. Im thinking what Mabolo frt look like.
    And i spot the butong, up up in the tree. And Satch, u should have a quick dip in the river,
    w/ that hot motorbike ride. Kalooy : ( ba nimo dogie, na unsa mana.

  3. Thank you kaayo sa mga pictures. Btw, taga Gawaygaway man ko bai ug dia ko ron sa middle east nagwork. Kanang naa sa pictures mao ba na ang friend sa imo uncle? kanang nagsul-ob ug pula na kawo ako man sad na uncle ug iya kong kinugos:) Thanks once again & maybe kaila ko sa imo uncle ug basin barkada sad na sa akong amahan.

  4. thanks for featuring Sogod, Ley-this is my late mom’s birthplace. been there as i can recall 2X- i wuz still cute then, now acute. the scenery was picturesque. any imporvements in this town?

  5. Hey, that man you are sitting next to is my father-in-law ! That lovely food must have been prepared by mother and sisters-in-law ! Glad you enjoyed your visit – we were there just lst month but they did not mention that they hd a visitor who put Pa’s face on a blog !

    God Bless,

    Sean, in Wales, UK

  6. @ianne
    indeed, i am also craving for kamunggay…..and tangad!

    and yes, lato (sea grapes?). they have it here in jpn, had a taste for the first time 2 weeks ago. they are cultured but negligible in size, bland and ridiculously priced whereas hapit na man lang gani ipanghatag dinha sa ato-a!

  7. hoy kaila mo ni tiyo burgos?taga gaway-gaway man ko gikan but karon nana ko America…thanks sa blog ug pics lipay nalang ko kita sa mga pictures ug mga taw and also nice places ta cebu…mabuhay!!!!!

  8. Kanindot di ay tanwawon ang usa ka barranggay, diin ang akong Mama usa kanhi kamag tutudlo sa Gawaygaway Elementary School.
    In this green baranggay I have lot of memories, I have many relatives residing
    here, Burlaos, Tolero and friends of Ruedas family.

    Mensahe: Engr. Andronico S. Andrino
    Site Mechanical Superintendent
    Saudi Aramco Project, Juaymah Gas Plant Expansion
    Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi arabia

  9. me too, taga gawaygaway sad ko actaualy gradute sad ko Gaway2x Elem school…my tacher b4 ka y ci Tikang Balili…tanx sa Blog and more power.

    if you knw is my
    My real name is Efren De la Crus Am I a MIS (System Administrator)
    Here sa Prince Warehouse Club.
    Danao Branch..
    But i am planning to resign looking new JOB..HEHEHEHE

  10. ako taga san antonio,binabag atbang ra amoa balay sa gaway2x but nakita naku ang dalan padulong dha na recall naku sa una ma mesta mi dha mag habal2x in

    tawn nindut kaayu ang veiw sa north.

    harris masong compra
    from.barrigada ,guam ,USA

  11. hello ley, just seen your blog and felt so amaze that you featured my beautiful barangay..the man you called a close friend of your uncle was happened my father..his name is Anoy..dili na cya si tyo burgos…ley, sad to let you know that the man you once visted here in Gawaygaway passed away a year ago na..but still i wanna say thanks a lot for featuring my father’s face in your blog..ley, can i ask a copy of this pic, please..?thanks and God bless…

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