10,000 Roses Cafe: After the Deluge

In early 2017, 10,000 Roses Cafe and More opened its doors to the public for the very first time. The opening wasn’t such a big deal. The events that followed, however, made headlines in local dailies and littered (almost) everyone’s Facebook newsfeed. A new Cebu tourist destination was born. And every single one wanted first-hand experience. It was, after all, something new and different.

Although I published my post about it more than a month after it opened, I must admit that I feel partly responsible for what happened next. As more and more posts about the cafe got shared online, the interest grew and people became more and more desperate to locate it.

And true enough, people came to Cordova in hordes, making the usually quiet community experience what it is like to have bumper to bumper traffic day in and day out. A great deluge descended on the cafe and soon people were stumping on the flowers, leaving litters everywhere, and even plucking some blooms and taking them home as souvenirs.

The mania died down eventually. But not before properties were damaged, people were blamed, statements were issued, and hurtful words were said.

Last week, more than one year after I posted my entry, I was able to visit the cafe again. Check out what the place looks like now.

10,000 Roses Cafe and More minus the crazy crowd.

Today, visitors come to the cafe in trickles. Most of them are local tourists who arrive in small batches of five to ten.

The local government of Cordova now requires each visitor to pay an entrance fee of PhP20. Locals, however, can go in free of charge after logging in their name and address.

A small crowd can still gather on weekends. So, if you want to get a good shot, you should come on weekdays. You may also come right before the cafe opens so you can have the whole place to yourself.

The cafe is perfect for late afternoon chats over coffee.

Check out our impromptu photo shoot. Haha.

The unrivaled view of Cebu City and Mandaue City is gorgeous. And the view becomes even more impressive at night!

Have you been to 10,000 Roses Cafe and More in the past or recently? Have you noticed any changes? Tell us about your experience! Let us know in the comments below!

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