Ayala Center Cebu Unfolds New Wing

Ayala Center Cebu recently unveiled to the public its new multi-billion expansion wing. The expansion project is (probably) Ayala’s answer to the threat of SM’s gigantic SRP mall which is now under construction. Ayala’s new wing, which remains nameless til this day, will house a lot of high-end brands (some I’ve never heard of my whole life. Haha.) The wing will also have a THX theater, a roof deck garden, a chapel, and lots of other fancy stuff Cebuanos will surely enjoy. Anyways, without further ado, here are the photos.

The new wing of Ayala Center Cebu

The new addition is seamlessly connected to the old mall.

Huge walkways are always good.

And lots of interesting new brands.

Zara is occupying at least 1/3 of the whole ground floor area. It’s that big!

Bright, vibrant, and spacious. Just the way I like it.

Love the tile work.

And these wooden benches are splendid.

View of Cebu Business Park’s rising giants.

Marvelous view.

The ceiling looks great, too.

The roof garden – complete with waterworks and enough sitting areas.

This place would be better with really huge trees.

Interesting work everywhere. Reminds me of Parkmall’s alfresco strip.

View of the terraces.

And the surrounding giants looks really nice.

Perfect for late lunch meetings.

Interesting floorwork, too.

And these gardens also double as benches. Cool!

And the glass on the other side also gives light to the mall below.

Other buildings around the mall.

What do you think of Ayala’s new wing?

8 thoughts on “Ayala Center Cebu Unfolds New Wing

  1. Interesting!
    They should put it into competition, who can give the best name for that new wing.
    Just to let the public involve, like here. And for more advertising.
    They can afford for a simple voucher prize, just for fun.

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