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One of the hottest culinary destinations in Cebu today is the chain of native restaurants called Lantaw Native Restaurant. Lantaw is a Cebuano word which can mean a few things. The most common definition however, is ‘to look from a great distance.’ So, what’s so special about Lantaw? Well, aside from offering a wide variety of great-tasting food, the chain is also known for picking the most interesting locations. Their very first restaurant is located in Cordova. This restaurant, which is floating at the tip of the Day-As Wharf (yes, it’s floating,) offers an amazing view of the wonderful Metro Cebu skyline. The chain now has a total of three restaurants in Cebu. The second one is located in Barangay Garahe in Busay and the newest one at the South Road Properties. The chain remains faithful to its name as the Busay branch offers an exciting view of Cebu City, while the SRP branch gives guests a spectacular view of the Mactan Channel and Mactan Island. Lantaw owners, if you’re reading this, I suggest you open a branch at the very top of Crown Regency. I bet it would be a huge hit.

Anyway, in case you still haven’t been to this restaurant, here are some photos from my last visit. Although a little pricey for regular Juans like myself, the restaurant has great food, great view, and great ambiance. Highly recommended.

Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu. Mangaon ta!

We went there for dinner so I apologize for some of the photos. So, yeah, a quick history lesson. This was how Day-As looked like before Lantaw.

The area next to the jetty was reclaimed and today, it has been turned into a parking lot. That spot occupied by that old floating structure is the exact same spot where the Lantaw restaurant can now be seen.

For more photos of the old Day-As, click HERE.

This is how the jetty looks today.

The whole restaurant is made up of four interconnected floating structures. At the very end of the jetty, you’ll find the first structure. Before you could reach the main restaurant, you’ll see the waiting/holding area. In case it gets really busy.

Welcome to Lantaw!

 The main restaurant.

The structure is circular and if I’m not mistaken, can accommodate at least a hundred people.

Crossing a small foot bridge, you’ll reach the second structure. It doesn’t have a roof. So, if the weather is excellent, this is the best spot to get.

Beautiful night lights.

The third structure is covered and it can accommodate a few hundreds more.

The fourth structure is pretty small. It is perfect for group celebrations. Or big groups that don’t want to be interrupted when they’re eating. Hehe. Wasn’t able to take a picture of it, though.

And look at the view. I swear this one’s better in person.

They sell local favorites too.

To the restrooms.

Photo taken from the third structure.

Finally, our order! Now I’m hungry thinking about this.

Crispy Pata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have excellent sweets, too. This one is bibingka ala mode.

Have you been to Lantaw? What do you think of their food?

Check out Lantaw, now!

17 thoughts on “Good Food an Island Away

  1. Never been there Ley but my relatives been there last early January . They tour around Mactan and have a bite at Lantaw Native Restuarant. But your photos are more inviting to go there, than what my nephew’s taken. The food so inviting too, im drooling now with the scallops and crispy pata.. Ley if you don’t mind how much that food you order. Just to give me an idea. Thank you very much Bai

  2. Hello Ley, I’m new to your blog. I just found out about this when I googled ‘Cebu blogs’. The reason is because my friends and I are going to Cebu on November and I really want to find a blog that can tell me the ‘what’s and what not’s’ in going to Cebu and I really find your blog to be very helpful on that aspect. I’m looking forward to your new posts. Your post about Lantaw Restaurant really made me decide that going to their Cordova branch is a must for us. I wish you well.

      1. Thank you Ley. I have a question though. If we are going to Lantaw Restaurant in Cordova and we are going to stay until closing time (I think that’s 10 pm when I checked), is there any public transportation that can bring us back to Lapu-Lapu City?

        1. there are many tri-sikads in the area. i’m sure you’ll be able to get a ride to the town center even at 10 in the evening. from the town center, you can take a jeep to lapu-lapu city.

  3. I’ve heard about this new restaurant. Looks like a great place also just by looking at the pictures, would definitely going to check it out. =)

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