Pan “B”: Cebu’s Well-Loved Afternoon Treat


We went to Cantipla today. Thirty minutes into the ride, it started raining really hard [the weather in Cebu has been AWFUL lately] so we had to stop some where. A small road-side store was big enough to accommodate us all, so we stayed there until the rain stopped. Inside that cute store [the owner was very kind, btw], we saw different kinds of ‘sopas’. ‘Sopas’ is not soup in Cebuano. It is an alternative name for ‘pan’ or bread. In rural areas, sopas are very ‘hot’ items. They are hauled by the buckets from the city, repacked, and distributed. Each pack usually costs Php5.00. Some packs contain one big bread. Other packs contain 5 cute pieces.

The most famous kinds of bread are the ‘Francis’, ‘Everlasting,’ ‘Spanish Bread,’ ‘Elorde’ – they say it was named after Flash Elorde’s powerful fists – , and the national bread – Pan Desal.

But all varieties pale in comparison to THIS BREAD.

A variety with green paste.

People call it Pan Burikat.

For those who can’t say the word, they call it Pan B.

‘Burikat’ is the Cebuano word for ‘prostitute’. This bread got its name because of the bright red paste in the bread. Red is for passion/lust/sex/love/red lipstick etc. You got my meaning? lol

Some varieties of the Pan B have green, pink or yellow paste.

I haven’t seen stores selling Pan B in a long while. That explains why I was able to eat two packs. LOL. I bought one pack home, too.


31 thoughts on “Pan “B”: Cebu’s Well-Loved Afternoon Treat

  1. bitaw lami dyud na ley ang pan b, kung mahutdan ug pan b ang tindahan, pwede man pod ang bahug bahug, pan de coco ug uban pa…..lami dyud ning mga pana ba dayon paresan ug RC softdrinks or jazz ba kaha….. 🙂

  2. Thank you ianne, kaso lang tapulan man ko maghimo oi.
    Pero sa kaon numero uno ko. Mas lame kung olive oil gamiton.
    Kay akong kauban sa trabaho manghatag man nako, taga kaon lang ko.

  3. Inday M., you reminded me of my sister from California & my friend from Talisay, they’re more like a taster than a cook. LOL
    I do use olive oil or canola oil (canadian oil), they’re both good.

  4. I dropped by your blog site. Now I know what “sopas” in Cebu is. LOL. I’ve been here in Cebu for months but I feel like I’m an alien.hehe. I don’t know much about Cebu delicacies. I hope you can give me some sopas.hehe

  5. ha hay sad ani …..Gutomon man lang sad ta ani imo istorya Ley!!! how about kadtong Bibingka sa Mandaue ??? hmmmm dili na ko kahuwat pauli dinha ..he he he ,,, ug Masareal .. yummmm

  6. hehe…sure…i’ll be more than glad to receive a handhul of otap, dried mangos, and ampao.haha…very timely na kay muuli na ko sa tacloban this week. wala pa jud ko ticket. very busy man jud ta for our presentation today. i don’t even think mahuman ta sa pagbuhat sa props.

  7. hehe…sure…i’ll be more than glad to receive a handful of otap, dried mangos, and ampao.haha…very timely na kay muuli na ko sa tacloban this week. wala pa jud ko ticket. very busy man jud ta for our presentation today. i don’t even think mahuman ta sa pagbuhat sa props.

  8. Leylander I was in Cantipla on the 21st of this month. Wow, we only missed each other by days. I went there to see the fog that you posted about before. Tugnaw diha.

  9. Mdme Edna Montecillo-Rankine:

    Just read ur blog, link to this MCPB (as ‘Friend’). i was just fascinated to read your life story. my late mom’s family came from Sogod, Cebu-her dad was Montecalvo, while her mom was Montebon. while we were kids i just overheard them (sis and relatives) mentioning some Montecillo’s as their relative too. it is just unfortunate that i could not enquire further now, as i was trying to take inventory of living Tiyo/Tiya and seems they’re all with HIM. maybe, if i will be opportune to be back in Cebu, i’ll try find time to visit Sogod and re-trace mom’s lineage, taking note of the Montecillo’s mentioned in your blog.

  10. Ley,

    Karon pa ko kakita aning imong post sa Pan B. Gimingaw man gud kos Pinoy sopas, mao nga nangita ko ug recipe.

    @ianne, naa kay recipe sa binangkal nga kanang gikan pa jud sa Sugbo? Kalami sa binangkal labi na ug init-init pa. Asta pud ang Siakoy, Spanish bread, pan de ok-ok ug uban pa. 😀

    @tikboy, taga-sogod diay imong kaliwat? Daghan sa mig paryente diha unya agi-an ra sab na namo padung sa amoa sa Borbon. Amo kaliwat mga Comendador/Brigoli. Naa sab mi mga paryente mga Montecillo ug Montecalvo. Pareha nimo, wala sab ko kaila na kay di naman tig-bisita kaayo akong apuhan diha dapita kay na RIP naman kasagaran sa iyang mga ka-edad. Ang resulta, mag-uyabay ang mga paryente. Hehehehe…:D

  11. Oh… I’m getting jealous of u… I haven’t seen them in a long time also… They are so tasty… I’ll try writing about it on Yummy Cebu… Thnx again…

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