Buko Break in Compostela


When I hear the word summer, the word ‘buko’ always comes to mind. Maybe because the ‘lubi’ reminds me of the sea, sand, and sun. Or maybe because I just love ‘Buko Juice’ so much.

In the town of Compostela, a certain baranggay is famous not only for its cool beaches but also for its oh-so-yummy BUKO JUICE. In this part of the South, as many as ten small stores sell fresh buko juice by the roadside to thirsty travelers. And we’re not talking about plain coconut water here. We’re talking about coconut water with milk, sugar, and strips of tender meat from young coconuts. And if that’s not amazing enough, it’s served to you ice-cold! I’m sure no one in their right minds could say no to that! Hehehehe.


Manong in action.

Empty ‘shells’. LOL

People in expensive cars mix and mingle with random strangers here to freshen up.

Delivery truck drivers enjoying their buko juice.

 Fresh coconuts, anyone? 🙂

Enjoy your buko juice with these chichirya.

Big glass sells for Php 15.00 only. Small glass sells for Php 8.00.

The ’empty shells’ are placed in this empty field.

Fear not. They are not wasted. For they become ‘pangsugnod’! The coconut is not the ‘Tree of Life’ for nothing!


0 thoughts on “Buko Break in Compostela

  1. sus, makamingaw dyud ning bukoha dah…..I remember before naa pod diha sa may pelaez dapit, normally kung maka agi ko didto dapita, hapit pod ko anang mamaligya diha ug buko juice……:)

  2. Yeah, I would love to have some buko juice right now!, mao ba ni siyang gi-mix ug milk? Imagine i-frozen ni siya, ay my gosh….. na home sick na pod ko….. hehehehehe

  3. @ofw_cebu

    di-in man ka gikan, nakurat man lang ko nimo, there was no comment earlier pag hit nako ug submit gadungan man ug gawas and imong comment with mine……hehehehe

  4. Sorry to sound morbid – the coconut shells on the last photo are reminiscent of the skulls in “The Killing Fields.”

  5. You bet, I drank coconut juice while I was there, fresh from my mom’s backyard. I videotaped my nephew picking & preparing it. 🙂 I miss it already!

  6. nakahinumdom ko when I was still a kid, we used to do this too, we used to say “mag lamao ta” which would mean nga mamutong, then mix it with milk and occasionally sagulan pod ug skyflakes….busog dayon…. 🙂

  7. . . .refreshingly sa kalamiiiiiiiiiiiii og ka frescoooooooooooo- mantinil lang mi diri og binutilya para lang dili makalimot, looy kaayo. . . sigi abot ra gihapon ang panahon katilaw gyud ta ani. .

  8. growing up, butong was not just for the summer. pang-everyday gyud na namo. papa drank lots of coco juice for his kidneys. kami sige ug kaon sa coconut meat. “tree of life” gyud na siya. thanks for sharing.

  9. Aw, I missed having Buko Juice when I was there in December. Next time. I’ll have to get directions from you to this place as this seems like the best. Looks so good.

  10. Lami jud bitaw nang butong oi (sabaw og unod) I never run out ana sa balay kay barato raman P12.00 each diri sa atillo subd. Pero kapoy lang sigeg pangihi lol…

  11. Ley,

    I have a question..kaning COMPOSTELA na imong gi-mention nga sa South, asa ni sya na town sa South? I know nga diha sa lungsod sa COMPOSTELA in the North kay known jud na sila diha sa butong…Looking at your pictures sa sidestreet, mura man sa Compostela…or I could be wrong. Cebu towns have the same landscape anyhow.

    Well done! Gimingaw na noon kog linamaw na butong sinagolan ug Sprite, dugmok na mani, carnation milk ug Skyflakes! 🙂

  12. Dili man ni COMPOSTELA! Sakop naman ni sa LILOAN. COT-COT LILOAN na man ni………
    Nilapas naman ni sa COT-COT Bridge nga boundary sa Compostela

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