Cordova is Bakasi Country!

Cordova, in Mactan, is the Bakasi Capital of Cebu. I’m not sure what a Bakasi is but it’s like a small eel.  Well, maybe it is. Hehe. Anyways, people from as far as Talisay City flock towards Cordova to enjoy different Bakasi dishes.

Some bakasis are dried on the beach.

Manang drying fresh bakasis.


The island of Cebu!

Low tide

Banca houses/rafts

Rocky beach

Satchmo and the rocks

Another vain shot

The beach

Old banca

Welcome to Kamampay!


Good with corn.

I couldn’t finish it. It feels funny.


How to debone a Bakasi

He sells seashells



To the main road


Satchmo in the shade


44 thoughts on “Cordova is Bakasi Country!

  1. Bakasi, wala na nga term sa Carmen. Ubod lang.

    Hi Land, please if you can take a photo of that
    humungous bottle of San Miguel Beer.

    When i was there, im longing to take a shot.
    But i might need a helicopter ride to do it.

    You reckon? hahaha

    Nagsige jud kog atang ana, baka imong e feature oi.

  2. I like the cottage. I don’t eat eel, it reminds me of a snake! LOL
    Inday M., my brother-in-law is an accountant in San Miguel Corporation.
    They also carry coke drinks & magnolia ice cream, yummm! Then my other
    brother-in-law is the manager in Pepsi Cola Company. There’s no competition between them. LOL The family has the best of both world!!

  3. Hello ianne, back in my high school days. My classmates used to
    purchase the glass jar in San Miguel Corp. for our Fish Preservation
    ( sardines in tomato sauce, fish in escabeche style )

    WOW!!! Your brothers in law have a great job.
    My hubby’s fave is San Mig. He even wants to name our son Juan Miguel.
    Coke and Pepsi are premium quality drinks. The drinks we drinks.

    Can i ask a favor, please?
    Any job opportunity for my brother in law (production area)
    w/c ever company have available. Thanks and cheers

  4. Hello ianne, ur brod inlaws both work in the big firm. They’re both quality drinks. The drinks we drink. My hubby says San Mig beer is better than… not to name it. Chilled San Mig beer is a thirst quencher.
    Yap, i want to have a photo of San Miguel Corp. w/ humungous bottle in the roof. Back on my H.S. days my classmates used to purchase a glass jar at San Mig for our project, Fish Preservation (sardines in tomato sauce, fish in escabeche style).

    ianne, i jst ask a favor. If any job opportunity w/c ever firm for my brod inlaw (production area).
    I wish Leyland can tour San Miguel Corp. one day and share it to us. cheers

  5. Thanks Inday M. As I can remember the SMB Corp. was hiring people all the time. Yes, it is a huge company, that’s why you have to be careful when you’re inside the plant because a student was ran over & killed by one of their vehicles. The name of my brod-in-law is Angel (Gil) Fantonial, he’s in the Acctg. Dept. Tell your brod-in-law to send in his resume. Good luck to him. Yeah, how nice if Leyland can tour there, sober in & out. LOL

  6. Actually I just emailed my other sister for my brod-in-law’s email address.=) By the way, his wife, my sister Elizabeth, passed away 4 years ago of kidney failure.+ I was so shocked because she was only 51 years old. At least she’s not suffering anymore. We will all go in this life, she just went ahead. Leyland, I will let you know about the pass as soon as I get a word from Gil.

  7. I’m sorry Leylan, I know that you’re on hiatus, but I’ve got to tell you that my brod-in-law retired from SMB Corp. two years ago! But, my brother John still works in one of the depts. there. Also, my other brod-in-law retired from Pepsi Cola Company already! He now works at Globe Telecom. I swear my family never told me this, I’m gonna pound them when I’m there in December! LOL But, you can still tour there when you’re ready.=) My sister Cherryl (Teeling), would like to have your contact number. Also, I would like to have your complete address, so I can send you a cash gift for your upcoming b-day. So long my friend and am sorry for bothering you. LOL Email me for the info.

  8. Hello ianne! My cell number is 09278919825… hehehe. WOW! I’ve never been inside the SMB compound before. Thanks a lot!!!! That would be awesome!

    I’ll just email you my address (i think I still have you add in my mailbox). hehehe

    Salamat kaayo! =)

  9. Leylan, I gave your contact number already to my sister Teeling. So, expect a call from her soon. Good luck and enjoy the tour. She’s a Registered Nurse, but works at Globe Telecom. She plans to immigrate to Vancouver, Canada.=)

    I’ll send your cash gift through Western Union as soon as I receive your

  10. Leylan, rest assured that I got your name right this time. LOL They should release your cash gift soon.=) You’re very welcome for it, you deserve it!! Enjoy your b-day! God bless. I’m happy to know that my sis & bro contacted you already. Have fun touring in SMB Corp. Take care. Stay sober!! Hahaha…

  11. Leylan, I’m sorry to tell you that my sister Teeling just gotten out from the hospital & I don’t know when she’s going to be better. How I wish my brother John will contact you concerning the pass for SMB Corp. tour. If not this time around, then in December! We will all go as tourists! LOL I hope it’s fine with you.

  12. Hi! I really like your blog about Cordova bakasi coz its my hometown. It helps me of my homesickness. Even the so called “Manang” in the picture is the sister of my grandma. So everytime I miss home I will just look at your blog. More power to you and I hope to see new update about Cordova especially Buagsong.

  13. Salamat kaau ani bai. bag o pa gyud mi nag hisgot aning bakasi kay naa mi klasmet sauna nga wla makaila kng unsa ning bakasi, ako ni i forward sa iyaha.


  14. WOW… nag laway ko sa inyong sud-an da… mingaw nako ug kaon anang bakasi oi. Labi na gyud ug inun-unanon nga gamay ra ug tubig.. pilit pilit imong tudlo dayon tilap.. gutom hinoun ko da…

  15. Thank you Leyland, this reminds me of my high school days, I have lots of friends in Cordova and I’m glad it has not changed much over the years. Bakasi is an aphrodesiac for men so I won’t be surpriesed it will even be more popular w/ our men folk.
    Thanks again for the great pictures, you have a great gift.

  16. Haayyy… naglaway na jud ko sa bakasi doh!!!

    Gimingaw na jud ko ug kaon ana… paksiw or sinugba. yummy!!!

    Wala jud na diri sa Canada!!!

    Cge lang… basi next year puhon maka bakasyon mi..

    kaon jud ko todo ana bah! =)

    Thanks, Leylan!

  17. salamat sa picture i enjoy watching the views in danao balamban liloan . kay taga compostela ko.but im married in australia. wala nako kita sa pinas .gigutom ko sa pagkaon diha. picture sa balamban may sister ko diha. charcos and rosario. daghan ko family sa balamban mga dumdum pod.salamat photos nindot mo ka mokoha dong.

  18. salamat sa picture i enjoy watching the views in danao balamban liloan . kay taga compostela ko.but im married in australia. wala nako kita sa pinas .gigutom ko sa pagkaon diha. picture sa balamban may sister ko diha. charcos and rosario. daghan ko family sa balamban mga dumdum pod.salamat photos nindot mo ka mokoha dong.

  19. nkaadto ko sa isla romantica last 2008 pa mn to, wa koi sure kon naa pa ba na karon kay naa mn to ingon nga bcn daw wagtangon na..nice bya ang isla sa? even though man-made island, mura sad jud ug natural nga naa ddto. nice pud ang waters, pro kuyawan lng ko kay open sea na jud, kon modako ang dagat, kuyaw matabunan ang isla ;-( anyways, cge ko pamista sa cordova, pro wa jud ko ka timing anang bakasi festival nla, maybe nxt yr mka timing nako. thank u diay to mary ann – akong miga nga prme manginvyt kon fiesta sa cordova, wehehehh!

  20. Sa Carmen, Ubod ang tawag sa dagku Dagku, kung gagmay gani Bakasi ang tawag 🙂
    nice jud ni nga blog oi… gimingaw naku ani nga blog dugay naku wala ka visit. last visit naku adtong ni adto si Satchmo sa US..

  21. wow! amazing sho0ts ha.. i really want this kind of adventure..can i have ur #? if ever lng, i need someone company bah..hhhmm.. if ok lng… u email me sa #.. here’s my email:

    i’ll wait.. thx! xoxo! ^_^

  22. what the heck are bakasis? are those eels? they kinda look gross, lol. sorry no offence to you guys who like them.

  23. na naunsa naman ni gimingaw ko ana da.. dugay na ko wala kakaon ug bakasi cordova is just very near in my home in mactan surely i will go there when i get home soon

  24. hi everyone i would like to ask where can i find / buy bakasi in Cordova? please i really need the details of the dealer (cellephone number, address, email address). Thanks! 🙂

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