Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden: A Cool Getaway in Busay

Several weeks ago, by accident, I discovered an exciting new spot in Busay – the Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden. During one of my usual motorbike trips to the highlands, I saw a sign that pointed me to a certain new spot somewhere in Busay. Knowing that IG spots are now the ‘in’ thing among business owners and social media enthusiasts, I knew that this was bound to be very interesting. Check out what I saw:

Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden

The Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden is located in Barangay Busay, just below the ever-popular Tops Lookout. Instead of going straight, however, you’ll have to make a right when you see this small green sign.

The road looks fresh and clean, so I’m guessing this was newly created just to make way for the resort.

If you stop at a certain spot on the side of the road, you will get a glimpse of the resort below.

About 300 meters later, you will reach the parking lot where you will have an amazing view of this thing. I’m not exactly sure what this is, however.

Here’s a view of what appears to be a slide and the resort below.

For now, it’s actually not a botanical garden. But according to the lady at the gate, the whole thing is still a work in progress and she promised that the future updates will be mind-blowing.

This looks like another cool highland getaway, don’t you think?

If you move closer, you will see the circular pool right at the very heart of the property. The pool is then surrounded by tables and benches. Finally, on the outer layer of the circle, you will see the white ‘wigwam’ huts which look really cute and Instagram-worthy.

Here’s another view of the whole resort as of July 2019. There’s not a lot to see but it already looks kinda pretty. Keep scrolling to know the rates!




Name: Dr. Emilio Osmeña Botanical Garden
Location: Tops Road, Brgy Busay, Cebu City Highlands
Entrance Fee:
Adults: Php100/head
5 yo and below: FREE
24 hr access from the time of entry
FREE use of tables and chairs
No Corkage Fee
Free Use of Pool
Shed (for 2) – Php200

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