Weekends in Carmen

It is official. I am ready to relocate to Carmen. Well, come to think of it. It has gorgeous beaches, it has the super awesome Benedictine Monastery, it has the Uragay Spring, and it has an award-winning Sinulog contingent! Plus, it’s very lovely, quiet, and peaceful and it has some of the most awesome people I know. And to make this town a little more appealing, it has the Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort! Now, who wouldn’t fall in love with a town that has all these to offer?

So, anyway, two Saturdays ago, I discovered the newest tourist attraction in Carmen. I even featured some photos of the place in my Three-Dip Trip post. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos. See, I was alone and I kinda didn’t feel too comfortable walking around the whole place and taking photos of the pools with people in them. Those people might think I’m shooting them for whatever reason. Haha. So, I decided to come back last Saturday – exactly a week after my first visit. This time, however, Osman decided to tag along. He just got his license and he was itching for a long ride.

Osman and I left the city at around 8 in the morning. Since he’s new to this whole motorbiking thing, we had to maintain a speed of not more than 60kph.

This trip was a lot of fun. However, it had a couple of disadvantages. For starters, instead of just having to worry about myself and my bike, I had to make sure that Osman, too, was safe as I was responsible for his safety. And second, I was spending not just for myself but for him as well. Haha. So, that’s two full tanks of gas, breakfast, and lunch for two people, and entrance fee for two.

I’d probably have to skip my weekend trips for a month or two. Man, this whole weekend traveling business is expensive!

So, anyway, before we could even reach Consolacion, we had to make a stop in Mandaue for some breakfast. We ate at McDonald’s.

Round 1!

After the first round, we were both still hungry. So we had pancakes. Haha.

After breakfast, we were back on the road. This time, the trip was non-stop until we reached Carmen.

I’ve created this simple map below to help you locate the resort. So, once you reach Carmen proper, keep your eyes open for the Carmen Public Market. It’s that busy joint where you can see tricycles and motorcycles and of course, people. If you’re taking the bus, you can get off at the public market and look for a habal-habal driver with a good deal. Anyway, about three blocks from the market, on the left side of the road, you will see the Carmen National High School. Right beside the school is a nice small road. Just follow that road and you will reach the Uragay Spring, the Benedictine Monastery, and of course, the Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort.

Do watch out for this sign. It’s not very visible but it’s not easy to miss, either. When you see the arch of the Benedictine Monastery, it only means one thing – you’ve missed your turn. Haha.

Once you reach the gate of the resort, you will be asked to pay Php60. I’m not sure how much they ask for little kids.

They have park spaces for vans, cars, motorbikes, and small jeepneys. I don’t think they’d allow tourist buses there, though. I wasn’t able to survey the whole place but I think parking is limited to around 20 vehicles.

This way to the pool area.

Entrance to the pool area.

About 50 or so steps to the bottom.

While it’s tiring on your way up, you can be certain that the place remains cool even during the hottest hours of the day.

And there you have it. First look at the pool. Nice, right?

A very small spring flows into this cute-looking pool. This part is a bit shallow. Only around two to three feet. Osman and I didn’t have a cottage (we couldn’t afford it. Haha) so we placed our bags on some rocks. Haha.

The first pool flows straight into the second pool.

View of the second pool and a real creek on the other side.

Perfect for pictorials, I must say.

A tree house! Cool, right?

Guests enjoying the second pool. This pool is a little deeper. I think it is around three to four feet.

Look at that beautiful creek right beside the pools. Awesome!

Then, the water from the second pool flows into the third pool. This one is a bit deeper at probably around 3-5 feet.

Water flowing from the third pool goes straight to the fourth pool.

Now the fourth pool is deep. I think it was around 8 feet. Very awesome!

The Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort in Carmen looks gorgeous!

Osman enjoying the water!

Water from the fourth pool then flows straight into the river. And, you know, a case of beer. Haha.

A nice looking wooden bridge and a gorgeous picnic table sits close to the river.

Looks pretty wicked!

There’s fresh water everywhere!

The water from those bamboo pipes flows straight towards the river, too!

The river. Looking awesome!

And Osman had to pose. Haha.

Now, this part, I didn’t see during my previous visit. It’s another spring.

The spring ‘fuels’ this little pool facing the nice-looking cliff. Isn’t it amazing?

Osman and I were in the water for more than three hours. Haha. It was just awesome.

And that explains why when we went to Jollibee in Danao for our late lunch on our way home, we ate a ton each! And of course, that could only explain why I’m now broke. Haha. Oh, well!

Visit the Durano Ecofarm and Spring Resort now!

Durano EcoFarm
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