The Search for Lanipao


Weeks ago, my cousin told me about her trip to Lanipao and she said that I should definitely check it out. Anyways, long story short, I decided to go ahead and investigate. I know Guadalupe is such a big barangay but with the instruction to “just follow that road behind the Guadalupe Church until you reach Sapangdaku,” I thought that it would be easy as a pie. Well, let’s just say that I was wrong. And I also must admit that if I hadn’t stopped to ask for directions, I wouldn’t be able to locate it. Haha. Well, I say finding what you’re looking for on your first attempt is no fun at all. Come on! Seriously, where’s your sense of adventure?

So, first step. Follow that small road in front of the Visayan Glass factory. Check.

Ok, tricky part. Should I drive up or go down? Well, definitely up!

But around ten minutes later, I still couldn’t see any sign of Lanipao. Uh-oh! Luckily, I saw a young kid. I asked him if I was going the right way. He said that if I keep driving, I should be in Napo real soon. Uhm, so basically, wrong turn. Got it!

Okay, I admit. My mistake was that I didn’t ask if I should turn left and drive down, instead. I just sort of figured out that since the road going up was the wrong road, the road going down was automatically the correct one.

But a few minutes later, I saw this. A small sitio. Apparently, this is the dead-end. This road going down ends in a basketball court. Great!

Immediately I made a U-turn and drove all the way back to the intersection. Again, another mistake. There were many kids playing at the basketball court and I never asked for help. Haha. Wow!

So, at the intersection, I met an old lady and she told me that there was actually a small road behind the basketball court and that that road will take me to Lanipao. Great! Haha.

So, yeah. See that ‘space’ next to that house? Yep, that’s the road. Haha.

So, anyways, I followed that road and less that ten minutes later, I was finally there!

Lanipao Rainforest Resort is located in Barangay Sapangdaku in Guadalupe.

Welcome to Lanipao!

Oh, hey! A wishing well. Quick! Drop a coin and wish that you won’t get lost on your way back. Hahaha.

I asked the caretaker if I could check out the place and take a couple of photos without having to pay for the entrance fee (Php50.) Luckily, she was very nice and she said that it wouldn’t be a problem. Cool!

Going down the steps, I saw this intriguing structure. So, I went closer to investigate.

Oh hey! Slides! Wow!

This place looks and feels cool. I love it.

So this is where the slides take you. Nice.

Wow! Look at that!

Pretty impressive, I must say.

Two slides. Not bad at all.

Pool #1 and a look at some of the ‘cottages’ in the area.

Three more pools can be seen below Pool #1.

Looks nice.

Not the best swimming facility, I know. But considering the rate and the location, I say it’s not bad at all.

Those plants are a wonderful addition to the already beautiful scenery.

A store next to the three pools.

And look at the greens surrounding the pool!

More picnic huts.

So fresh!

They also have cabins for overnight stays.

The cabins are right above an actual stream. Cool!

Looking nice.

The veranda offers an excellent view of the stream and the children’s playground.

The playground is actually pretty stuffed. I like it!

The kids would love it here.

They even have go karts!

And a trampoline!

And I observed that the place has lots of different types of flowers. It’s pretty amazing, honestly.

If you want a quick swim or a small gathering that wouldn’t hurt your pocket, you know where to go. Check out Lanipao Rainforest Resort now!

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