Maribago Sunset


One of the most popular (and most exclusive) private beach resorts in Mactan is the Maribago Blue Water Resort. Maribago Blue Water is popular not only because of its awesome facilities and services but also because of a huge project they completed a few years ago. Directly fronting the beach is a man-made island where functions such as weddings (ceremonies and reception), group outings, and family gatherings are held. I think if the island is not reserved for a certain function, anyone can check the place out. Hehehehe.

Maribago Blue Water is also the owner of the Sumilon Island Resort in Oslob. Yes. That resort. LOL.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a nice resort in Mactan, Maribago Blue Water is highly recommended. Visit the resort now!


View of other high-end resorts near Maribago Blue Water – White Sands, EGI, and the soon-to-open Imperial Palace Resort. 

 101_1246 by you.

Where’s the shark? Hehehe.

101_1192 by you.

There it is. Wow! Nice. 🙂

101_1190 by you.

To the garden rooms.

101_1193 by you.

More sharks!

101_1195 by you.


101_1196 by you.

The logo of Maribago Blue Water

101_1198 by you.

 The very lovely rooms near the beach. Wow!!!! Love the roof! 🙂

101_1202 by you.

The beach!

101_1203 by you.

Massage hut

101_1224 by you.

The white-sand beach

101_1219 by you.

There was an event earlier

101_1209 by you.

Colorful flags

101_1250 by you.

 View of the island

101_1212 by you.

A platform on the island – where weddings are usually held.

101_1204 by you.

A small stage for the reception.

101_1218 by you.

The boat that transports you to the island.

101_1210 by you.

West end of the island.

101_1217 by you.

West end of the island just a few meters from the Restaurant.

101_1206 by you.

To the restaurant.

101_1240 by you.

Wow! Really lovely sight.

101_1281 by you.

The Cove

101_1241 by you.

Restaurant interior – closed after lunch. 🙂

101_1222 by you.

Some of fresh picks to choose from.

Fish | Guso

101_1228 101_1229

Lato | Shells and Eels

101_1230 101_1231

Eel | Clams

101_1232 101_1235

Saang | Lobster

101_1236 101_1237

View from inside the restaurant. Gorgeous!

101_1239 by you.

Bar and lounge

101_1211 by you.

Lounge area. Really nice seats.

101_1242 by you.

Spiked drinks. Hehehe.

101_1279 by you.

 Soon to open Imperial Palace Resort

101_1213 by you.

Closer look

101_1248 by you.

The EGI Towers

101_1214 by you.

White Sands

101_1244 by you.

Water for sunset. It’s really nice here. Hehehe.

101_1269 by you.

Jet Ski si Manong.

101_1215 by you.

Yay! Gabii na!

101_1284 by you.

Some night shots: Dili lang nako dakuon ang pics kay blurred kay kurog ako kamot. Wala man gud tripod. Hehehe.

 Pool area and restaurant | Another pool near the rooms

101_1287 101_1289

Spa and gym area | Beach, bar, and resto at night

101_1290 101_1298

Night lights! | Pool

101_1299 101_1300

Art gallery | Pool

101_1302 101_1301

 Thanks Te Kris for letting me tag along! Nindot kaayo didto! Hehehe.