Southern Bend

So the last town that we visited was the Heritage Town of Boljoon. Boljoon is one of the oldest towns in Cebu. It is a 5th class municipality with 11 baranggays. Its main industries are farming and fishing. Boljoon’s coastal plains, cliffs, mountain ranges, and hills are all in very close proximity to the Bohol Strait. According to the town’s website, Boljoon is the only ‘Postcard town in the entire province of Cebu.’ And yes, I agree.

Boljoon is famous for a lot of things. The ‘southern bend’ is one of them. The ‘southern bend’ is a term used to refer to that blind curve which has become one of the focal points of the town. It’s actually a section of the south national road which cuts through the very tip of a huge huge rock near the town border.


The Heritage Town of Boljoon. One of my personal favorites!

Kampanaryo. This ‘bell tower’ is one of the oldest structures in town.

Another view of the kampanaryo.

View of the church from the municipal hall.

Free WiFi! Wow!

Standing proudly behind this age-old Catholic School are the awesome mountains of Boljoon.

Escuela Catolica sits at the very edge of the church compound.

The town church of Boljoon. What a beauty!

Statue of Jesus Christ in front of the Church convent.

Sir Jay taking photos of the statue.

Facade of the town church.

Probably the most easily-recognizable arch in Cebu.

Just beside the church is another arch. It leads to a small stone-walled compound.

Details of the arch.

It was in fact a cemetery.

Just across the street is the seaside park.

Houses along the beach.

The Southern Bend

Town Park facing the Bohol Strait. Lovely!

Wow! The best!

View of the park and the town church.

Kids playing at the park. We gave them some donuts. Hehe.

Ahhh! Lovely!

Perfect for late night chats. :)

Awesome! I don’t know what this is, though. Hehe.

Souvenir shot! I love Boljoon!

Visit the Heritage Town of Boljoon now!

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  1. GORGEOUS!! Thanks, Ley! I am sharing it with my FB friends :)

  2. ley, this is awesome…. you know what this place reminds me of? the old architectural blgs reminds of Italy except the high mountains that are unspoiled…. thanks

  3. sin0 naman ang todo pose sa last pic? haha. waaah. i miss cebu!

  4. Ley, that thing that you standing on looks like a diving board.
    Beautiful photos!

  5. breathtaking view of Boljoon…am looking forward to visit the place…thanks a lot Ley for sharing…

  6. Naa ko auntie nag puyo diri. Boljoon is a very nice place indeed.

  7. Hi Ley! ka nindot oi! nice…… it pays to have an expensive camera and your expertise in taking pictures… pero naka adto naka sa Nalusuan Island? daghan man gud ni sulti nako na nindot daw didto… well hope you could go there.. God Bless Ley!

  8. Breathtaking!
    I can feel the fresh and clean wind sweeping past by….

  9. I remember that photo (bend) in your previous blog Ley. Nice park, green grass, clean green Boljoon. Absolutely awesome for the night chats near the sea wall, woohoo.

  10. very pretty, clean & serene place! just love it!

  11. AWESOME !!!!!
    iis there a beach resort/hotel in Boljoon?

  12. Delza of Lacion // February 21, 2011 at 11:29 pm // Reply

    Kanindot ani Ley, uy! Pagkagreen sa bukid, makes me so proud to be a Sugbuanon. Love, love, love their park indeed, so clean and well maintained. Boljoonanons must be proud!

  13. jojo_dalaguetenon // February 22, 2011 at 3:13 am // Reply

    wow! u make me more excite for my vacation bai… awesome…. mo laag gyud ko dinhing mga dapita kay duol ra ni sa Dalaguete :)

  14. diri dyud ko mag tuyok tuyok sauna sa katong diha pa ko na assign, kada 12noon, diha nako epark ang sakyanan sa may park, pahuway lang and feel the breeze of the ocean . . . . lovely pics dyud . . . .

  15. kining old catholic school bah, mao man ni tong sa sm sa northwing sah?

  16. Awesome. We had a wedding shoot here for the owner of Titay’s. Awesome location!

    Nice pics!! Thanks for sharing

  17. nindot lagi kaayo.. what are the towns before and after Boljoon? just trying to rack my brain if I’ve passed by this place before

  18. now I remember!.. haha this is the scene in my mind everytime I think of Oslob, how could I forget?! abi nako Oslob na ni sauna.. So pag mosulti ug Oslob, nindotan jud ko kai mao diay ni nga area akong cge huna2x.. so Boljoon diay ni.. now I know.. thanks for the info!

  19. ang ganda nga sa Boljoon! i’m fascinated with old structures, i want to see the ecuela catolica soon…!

  20. thank you for the wonderful blog article of our beloved town boljoon, laylander. our town has still many other attractions to offer aside from the centuries old church complex and the enchanted ili rock. we are inviting you and your readers to come and visit boljoon one of this days.

    your blog is very nice, in one way or another you are doing your share in promoting countryside tourism. more power.

  21. i was born and breed in danao city, cebu but have left the place for over 2 decades ago. i haven’t had the opportunity to visit other places apart from danao & cebu whenever i go back home for some reasons or another. i come across your blog and boy – this really is a wonderful travellers digit! i’ll make a special effort to visit boljoon and some other places mentioned in your sites. bravo to you!!!!

  22. WoW! What a lovely place to just sit and meditate for a while. =)

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