Cebu Updates 9

Here’s a set of fresh photo updates from all over the Metro. Cebu is currently experiencing what a lot of people would refer to as the ‘Second Ceboom.’ Ceboom is a term which describes a period of boombastic progress, development, and success in Cebu. If you want to know whether or not these people are telling the truth, check out the photos below.


Metro Cebu, August 2013

The Banilad Bridge was identified as a major chokepoint. Hence, these additional one-lane bridges (there’s one on the opposite side) to help decongest traffic.

One Pavillion Place now stands in the lot once occupied by the Chiongbian cockpit hall in Eskina Banawa in Guadalupe.

The residential towers as seen from Banawa.

SM’s newest mall in Cebu – SM City Consolacion.

The Best Western Plus Lex Cebu Hotel in Escario.

The Green Orkid strip just in front of the hotel.

The all new Lahug Public Market at the foot of Nivel Hills.

The Residences – a high-end condominium tower in Nivel Hills. This building is sitting right next to the Marco Polo Hotel.

Cebu Plaza Hotel now Marco Polo Hotel.

The TGU Tower right next to The Walk at the Cebu IT Park.

Construction of the second phase of the Avida Towers at the Cebu IT Park is now in full swing.

FilInvest’s Cebu Cyberzone (under construction) now occupies the lot where the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center once stood.

Cebu’s soon-to-be tallest towers – Horizons 101 – currently being constructed.

The old Midtown Hotel in Fuente is now called Summit Circle.

The Cebu City skyline – Ramos Tower, the SRP viaduct, and the ACT building.

This empty lot will house FilInvest’s Citta di Mare.

SRP Park and view of the Compania Maritima heritage building and the Radisson Blu Hotel.

The Mambaling Flyover.

A bold move – Metro Gaisano’s Labangon branch is opening soon.

Not sure what this two-storey building at the SRP is.

View of Mandaue City from the SRP.

And most importantly, everyone’s excited about SM Seaside City Cebu.

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22 Comments on Cebu Updates 9

  1. Hey Ley, next time I visit Cebu I’ll be shopping at SM Seaside or maybe we can try and dine out from there!

  2. taasa na gyud diay sa mga building diha and they’re beautiful! i like the ceboom expression. :)

  3. annabelle travis // August 12, 2013 at 1:42 pm // Reply

    I miss Cebu so much! Probably i cant recognize it anymore when im gonna visit there.there’s so much contruction goin on. Im so proud of Cebu and all the Cebuanos. Ceboom na gyud kaayo.Im proud to be Cebuano.

  4. Thanks for showing what’s new in the city and updated progress in the surrounding contractions in the area of SRP. Looking forward to be there next year and to see all of new Malls and stuff. May be meet you in the bar somewhere ? take care bai…

  5. thanks Ley for the update…it makes me missed UBEC more.

  6. socrates r. alegrado // August 13, 2013 at 12:05 pm // Reply

    I been in cebu a month ago I used to visit my relative down to south,its amazing naliligaw ako sa city its a big difference compare to my younger years when I was a student 37 years ago

  7. good kaau ley!!! matsalam!!! i’ve been waiting for sm seaside city updates and you gave us more….wuhoooooo weheeeeeeeeee……karata……salamat kaau ley!!! inum nya ta…….:)

  8. inday myrna // August 18, 2013 at 7:17 pm // Reply

    Cebu! truly booming. Tnx for the updates Ley. I heard were having Gaisano in Carmen sooner/later.

  9. hala ka nindot na jud sa cebu uie , puhon maka uli nako sa akong hometown .. i miss u cebu

  10. SUS, Ayaw dugaya pag construct kay mga Filipinos naa sa abroad gahulat nalang kanus-a ni mag open tanan para naman magasto ilang kwarta gihagu-an sa gawas. at least naa sa Pinas gigasto ang money. ayos ba tayo lahat pinoy…

  11. Love your blog bro. One thing I notice bout our city is all the wires hanging. Seriously, It’s not only an eyesore but a hazard as well.

  12. I guess member kag skycrapercity nga forum? sakto ba ko? heheh! :D

  13. Hapit na nih. Ang mga abroad excited na kaau. Daghan na ug nangita ug OFW ug balay/condo arun kapuy an nga duol dri .

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