Thirty Minutes in Alcoy

Sitting next to Dalaguete is the town of Alcoy. Situated more than 90 kilometers from Cebu City, Alcoy is bounded by Boljoon to the north, the Cebu Stait to the east, and Badian to the west. Although Alcoy recently has been getting a lot of media buzz thanks to the famed Tingko Beach and the much sought-after Black Shama – locally known as Siloy, it remains one of the most quiet and most mysterious places in Cebu.

Which is why I thought about not publishing the photos below. See, we only stopped in Alcoy for a couple of minutes – 30 minutes tops – during our southern tour. And we only took pictures of the church and the surrounding areas. We weren’t even able to take pictures of Tingko Beach, or the forest where many Black Shamas are frequently seen. Well, I figured that some people would still want to see what the town church looked like. So, here are the photos. I hope you enjoy them, guys!


Convent of the Santa Rosa de Lima Parish Church in Alcoy, Cebu.

A small road which leads to the beach. Too bad we weren’t able to go there because we were running out of time.

This way to the town church.

Tree-lined road. Pretty nice.


Parish rectory of Saint Rose of Lima Church.

View of the church from the side.

Front view of the church. The church is very small. But it looks nice.

Church facade and the four-level belfry.

An old image in front of the church.

Main door. Too bad we weren’t able to get in.

Church window with steel and colored glass.

One of the images inside the church.

Kids playing outside the church.


Sorry for this very short entry. I promise I’ll take more photos of Alcoy next time. Thanks!

Southern Bend
Dalaguete, Finally!



11 Comments on Thirty Minutes in Alcoy

  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Glad you did, Ley because the picture of the kids and the butterfly is only at that moment (love those), you will have a different shot next time you come to Alcoy. Looking forward to your next adventures.

  2. Yeah! I notice this is the smallest church i saw in ur blog Ley. Nice 4 level belfry. Lovely kids and i never see an orange butterfly but i like the color coz its the color of my favorite soccer team, orange jersey. tnx

  3. Nice pics of alcoy but that road does not lead to the beach, it goes to the cemetry and a supposed marina which is certainly not a marina. tingko is the beach and the other beach is down a road by edeane store. alcoy is a lot of htl and they dont chat to strangers, the people are suspicious of strangers and not so friendly.

    • Hello Steve! The marina sanctuary pointed in the signage is more of a fish sanctuary maintained by the local government. I cannot speak for the marina part since I do not completely know what a marina technically is. As for the locals, I am a local there, and I do not think it is about being suspicious and unfriendly. As I have observed in other rural areas in the Philippines where I have visited and based on my own experience after growing up in Alcoy, it is more of being curious what a total stranger is doing in town yet trying not to be too obvious at that. In behalf of the Alcoyanons, I apologize if you felt like you were not welcomed in our small town. Everyone there just knows everybody, so we are all aware if someone new is in town. By the way, what is htl?(if you don’t mind me asking) :)

      • Hello SoulCaptive, I’m glad to contact you as Alcoyanon. I’m also Alcoyano, but from Alcoy-Spain, and I’m sure that Steve’s opinion is wrong. Pls I need all the information that you can supply me about Alcoy, as I have to write a book about this awesome city. Also I’m planing to visit it in few months. My e-mail: Heartfelt thanks.

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