The New Cebu South Bus Terminal

I returned to Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando last Sunday together with the members of SSC-Cebu* for an important activity (secret usa. LOL). We met at 9 am and at ten, we went to the South Bus Terminal to catch our ride. We knew that the terminal was undergoing some renovation but we didn’t expect that it would look awesome. Although there are still a lot of things to be improved, I must say that the new Cebu South Bus Terminal is like no other. In fact, our initial reaction was – ‘Terminal ni or airport?’ Hehehe.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new Cebu South Bus Terminal!


Entrance of the new Cebu South Bus Terminal. Be ready with your 5 pesos. Hehehe.

New Cebu South Bus Terminal by you.

So, what are the major changes? Let’s list them down:

  • Terminal fee upon entry (Php5.00)
  • Free entrance for minors and senior citizens
  • One ticketing counter for all destinations
  • Flat screen TVs in waiting areas
  • Air-conditioned waiting lounge
  • Clean restrooms
  • Food outlets and snack bars
  • Souvenir shops
  • Announcement of arrival and departure through paging system
  • Dedicated boarding ‘gates’ for different routes/destinations

Terminal pa ni or airport na? Hehehehe. By the way, the guys in the photos are SSC-Cebu forumers. 🙂

New Cebu South Bus Terminal by you.

Waiting lounge facing the ‘courtyard’ where the buses are parked.

New Cebu South Bus Terminal by you.

Flat screen television sets near the boarding gates. Cool.

New Cebu South Bus Terminal by you.

Finally, a more relaxed and more organized system of boarding the bus. Now, you don’t need to worry about getting hit in the shin. Hehehe.

New Cebu South Bus Terminal by you.

Watch a video of the new CSBT. You’ll love it!

Big big thanks to Romanslerz for the photos and the video.

* SSC stands for Sky Scraper City. It is an online forum with members from all over the world. For more information, please visit SSC-Cebu here.

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