Midnight Shopping In Colon

One of the most popular events/destinations during the Christmas season in Cebu City is the Kasadya Sa Colon. This yearly activity which is organized by the city government, turns Colon Street – the oldest street in the country – into a lively and festive night market.

The age-old street is filled with stalls selling fruits, midnight snacks, shoes, home supplies, ready-to-wear items, and lots more. The event allows small Cebuano and Muslim business operators to sell their products and services.

This year, the Colon Night Market ran from November 16 until December 30, 2012. The Night Market will once again open in June for the celebration of the Cebu Business Month.

Here are some photos that I snapped during the last night of the event. Enjoy!


Colon Night Market 2012

Welcome to the Kasadya sa Downtown Colon Night Market!

Off-limits to public vehicles. From November 16 to December 30,  the entire stretch became a walking district.

Sandals and slippers at only Php30/pari!

Lots of eager shoppers!



Some random home needs. This stalls is already almost empty. Hehe.

Earrings, ear plugs, and necklaces!

The kids will love these!

Stalls in front of Colonnade Mall.

Sale! Pili na!

Nice looking shoes!

Kitchen and home repair needs. Only 5 pesos each!

Fruits at only Php10 each!

Yummy apples!

The old Cinerama Theater is now the Metro Wholesale Mart.

More stalls in front of the Colonnade Mall. For those of you who still remember, the location of the mall used to be occupied by a popular shopping center in the 80’s known as Gaw.

Toys at only Php15 each!

Were you able to check out this year’s Kasadya sa Downtown? Tell us about your experience!