Espadrilles, Anyone?

My post about Danny’s Shoes in Carcar has recently been getting a lot of comments. Apparently, those people who wish to start their very own shoe business are directed to that post when they google the words ‘shoes’ and ‘carcar’. Most visitors usually ask about the price of the shoes in the pictures as well as the contact number of the said store. A few, however, actually think that I’m Danny and have taken the liberty of filling my inbox with questions and inquiries about bulk orders. (Others are even asking if I could teach them how to make shoes. Wow!) Hehehe.

For the record, I am NOT Danny and I do not own Danny’s Shoes. I have no shoe store, I have no shoe business, I do not know how to make shoes, and I don’t even come from Carcar. Hehehehe. I made that post simply because Carcar is Cebu’s shoe capital and I happened to take a few shots when I bought a pair of sandals during one of my short visits there a few years ago.

But, do not despair. I managed to take a few more shots during my short visit over the weekend and, this time, I managed to get some contact numbers to get you busy (and hopefully rich, very soon!!! Hehehe)


Espadrille shoes of Carcar. Apparently, it’s the coolest thing since the iPhone. Hehehehe.

I visited Danny’s Shoes (Now called Angelique’s Shoes). Pretty nice shoes on display. I tried a few pairs on. But the ones that I liked were too big for me. The lady said that I should check out their store at the SHOE Expo (still in Carcar) beside the Acacia Grill restaurant.

The booth of Danny’s Shoes at the SHOE EXPO. It’s stall number 14!

(Danny’s Shoes Contact Number – 09331886414/09325918562. Look for Aimee or Rolly)

Some nice espadrilles for the ladies.

I couldn’t find a design that I liked. So, I went to the next store called Ariel Footwear.

(Ariel Footwear Contact Number – 4879767. Look for Brenda)

They have really nice espedrilles for the guys.

More designs!

Everywhere you go, you see people wearing espadrilles. You even see people getting tagged on Facebook pictures of espadrilles. No wonder the net is abuzz over these shoes. LOL.

Other types of shoes being sold at the Shoe Expo.

The pair that I bought. I won’t tell you how much it is. Hahahaha.