Nine Months Later

On our way back home last week from San Remigio, we decided to check out the Cansaga Bay Bridge. The Cansaga Bay Bridge is a bridge which connects the northern towns of Liloan and Consolacion. The bridge was officially opened to the public last January by none other than President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo herself.

I wanted to see what the park under the bridge looked like. It’s been nine months since the bridge was opened. So, I was guessing that the park would be very similar to the park under the second Mactan Bridge (aka Marcelo Fernan Bridge) which has benches, huts, picnic tables, some nicely-maintained gardens, and a playground. Well, I guess I was wrong. Hehehe.


Cansaga Bay Bridge as of October 2010.

Looking pretty nice.

Road leading to the park.

Under the bridge.

Piers supporting the bridge.

A van parked under the bridge. The ‘park’ is nowhere to be found. Hehehe.

Trash. Probably left by people who frequent this bridge at night.


View of a small ‘dumpsite’ near the water.

Overall, it’s a nice-looking bridge.

Hanging out? Hehehe.

A ship being repaired near the bridge.

More vessels

A reclaimed area (Consolacion side) near the bridge.

Catmon's Duko-Duko

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