Catmon’s Duko-Duko

If you’ve ever been to the northern part of Cebu, you’ve probably heard of the seaside baranggay of Macaas in the town of Catmon. (That little baranggay which lies just along the North National Road where the popular Imelda Aroma Resort is located.) If you’re in the area, you’ll notice a small restaurant called Duko Duko. At first glance, Duko Duko is just like any other restaurant in Cebu (there are about 10,000 of them. hahaha). But if you have time to kill and a hungry tummy to stuff, you will learn that Duko-Duko in pure awesomeness waiting to be discovered.


Duko-Duko’s specialty – Pochero!!!!

Duko-Duko. Look for the Samurai poster! Hehehe.

Interior of the small restaurant. Nice.

Pochero! Yummy!!!!

Perfect with kan-on mais!

Their other specialty: Native fried chicken!!!! Wow!

And hey! Cholesterol monster! My favorite! Hehehe.

Check out Duko-Duko in Macaas, Catmon!