Cebu Updates 5

Thanks to good governance, excellent track record in peace and order, and the Cebuanos all over the world who continue to take pride in this lovely little island that we call home, Cebu is experiencing what most people refer to as CEBOOM Part 2. We are very lucky because not all parts of the archipelago get to experience this. So, let’s all continue working hard to help keep our beloved Cebu moving towards the ‘right’ direction.

To give you a little idea of the ‘changes,’ here are some photos that I took for the month of September.


Go go go CEBU!

Cebu City’s 2nd 5-star hotel – international brand Radisson Blu!

Ongoing: Rehabilitation of roads in the port area.

Ongoing: The center islands in the downtown area undergoing repairs.

Recently Completed: Plaza Independencia’s new fence. Looking nice.

Ongoing: Rehabilation of Plaza Independencia.

Ongoing: Soil testing ongoing for the future SM SRP. The project will officially be publicly announced in November.

U/C (under-construction): 30-storey GT Time Square building beside Chong Hua Hospital.

Ongoing: Improvement of the SRP Welcome Hill.

Recently Completed: Chong Hua Hospital’s12-storey parking building. The first ever high-rise parking building in Cebu.

Recently Completed: 27-storey Ultima Residences in Fuente Osmeña.

U/C: 6-storey office spaces below the Ultima Residences.

U/C: 33-storey Ultima Residences Ramos Tower along Ramos Street.

U/C: 22-storey Avalon Condominium at the Cebu Business Park.

Ongoing: Rehabilitation and widening of Escario Street.

A much wider Escario Street.

Completed: Jeepney stop in Lahug.

Almost completed: 12-storey Insular Life Cebu Business Centre is a welcome addition to Cebu Business Park’s ever-growing skyline.

Almost Completed: 25-storey Hongkong Plaza Hotel along Escario Street.

Almost Completed: 27-storey Grand Cenia Hotel and Residences along Escario Street.

Almost Completed: 13-storey  Harold’s Hotel along Gorordo Avenue.

Almost Completed: Sugbu Performing Arts Center in UP.

Recently Completed: 4-storey Super Metro Mandue expansion.

Recently Opened: Gaisano Toledo.

 Payt Bisdak!

24 thoughts on “Cebu Updates 5

  1. With this infrastructure CEBU is truely CEBOOMING…
    More job and more income to the city.
    Awesome photos Ley, thanx for sharing us

  2. Congratulation Ley, fans na jud ko aning imung blog dong since pa jud pag ari nako diri sa ME. Congratulation on bringing Cebu to us and you make more Cebuanos proud and happy. Maka homesick imung blog dong hehehe. Thanks dong..Cebu..Im coming home soon

  3. Wow, looking good! Masa-ag na gyud ko ani. Ley ikaw unya tourist guide ha kong maka uli lo puhon? So many new buildings and roads! Way to go Cebu!!!

  4. The construction workers hanging off their “Death Rigs” always amaze and antagonize me. As a retired construction worker here in the US I can say those homemade rebar “stages” would NEVER be allowed here. I wonder how often there are accidents, falls or deaths from making workers use these unsafe practices?

  5. Utility poles now standing in the middle of Escario road must be removed fast!!Don’t like to hear it becoming a death road what with the reckless drivers we have in cebu

  6. boomimg gyud kaayo ang cebu not to mention cleaner na sad, gikan lang mi dinha last month, mobalik gyud dayon mi puhon

  7. It’s just truly amazing. Gaisano Toledo. Wow! Looks so nice.

    I really, really need to get back. Thanks Ley for keeping all of us updated. I’m going to nominate you for the Nobel Prize! 😀

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