My Cebu Photo Book

To celebrate My Cebu Photo Blog’s 1,000,000th site visit (hapit na! yoohoo!), I decided to collect my most favorite amateur shots. I then took them to Banana Book and had a small coffee table book made. It was kinda expensive – a small book costing almost PhP1,100. But I just thought that it was high time that I gave myself something nice and useful. Hehehe.

I know that a lot of people who are into photography are dying to have their shots published. And I know that for amateurs like myself, the odds of finding someone who would actually spend to have my photos published, would be like 1 in 80 million. Nyahahaha. So, I decided to do it for myself. Hahahaha. And here it is. I’m very happy with the final product. I now have a testament of my unforgetable adventures in Cebu which I can show to my friends who do not know about this blog.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Cebu Photo Book! (wa na gyud koy laing nakit-an nga title. nyahahahaha)


A page showing Cebu’s beaches.

My Cebu Photo Book by you.

Some of the pages of the small 24-page book. 😀

My Cebu Photo Book by you.

The cover: My Cebu Photo Book. Hehehe.

My Cebu Photo Book by you.

A page showing shots from Cebu’s highlands. The other page has the night shots series. Hehehe.

My Cebu Photo Book by you.

The cover with macho man himself – Datu Lapulapu

My Cebu Photo Book by you.

Another angle.

My Cebu Photo Book by you.

Hehehehe. Mao ra to. Just wanted to share. 😀


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