Are You BRT Ready?

Last Saturday and Sunday, the Skyscraper Community of Cebu (SSC-Cebu), together with selected youth leaders of Cebu City went to the Cebu City Resource Management and Development Center (CREMDEC) in Baranggay Taptap for the Are you BRT Ready? Seminar. Representatives of five major youth groups – Clean Air Youth Alliance, Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence, University of Cebu Law School , UC Council of Presidents, and the JCI joined the said event which was organized to educate the youth sector about the benefits of the Bus Rapid Transit.  Together with the Mayor’s Management Team, the members of SSC-Cebu acted as faciliators.

SSC-Cebu posing outside the session hall in CREMDEC, Baranggay Taptap, Cebu City. Nice!

Two Kaoshiong buses were used to transport the participants to the facility in Baranggay Taptap.

The bus arrived at around 10 in the morning.

The sleeping quarters of the participants. Very nice.

Our bedroom. Hehehe.

Members of SSC-Cebu helping members of the Mayor’s Management Team set up the session hall.

After that, the members prepared the things needed for the team-building activities.

After the activity, the participants returned to the hall for the first talk of the day. Here’s Atty Cabrido, an environmental lawyer, talking about the effects of the BRT and the LRT on the environment.

City planner Nigel Paul Villarete presenting a certificate to Attorney Cabrido.

SSC-Cebu members.

After the talk, it was time to eat. Wow!

After the break, Mr. Sudhir Gota from India talked about air pollution and the major transport systems of the world.

Delight entertaining questions during the open forum.

One shot before dinner!!

After dinner, the participants returned to the hall for a talk on Sustainable Development for transportation by Engineer Madrona.

And after that, the participants gathered around a bonfire for a fun and unexpectedly emotional team activity.

The activity ended at around midnight. The next day, more members of SSC-Cebu arrived. Yeah!

Of course, Satchmo was there to welcome them. LOL.

SSC-Cebu members in action.

The beautiful members of the Mayor’s Management Team.

Mr. Gota and Engr Villarete.

Engr Villarete giving Mr. Gota a certificate of recognition.

Before the day ended, a surprise guest arrived.

It was none other than Mayor Tomas Osmeña. He gave a short but very powerful talk. Then, he signed our certificates. Cool.

SSC-Cebu members with their certificates.

SSC-Cebu with Engr Madrona and a speaker from Manila (help! I totally forgot his name)

One last shot before the bus leaves.

Additional photos by rusty, slerz, joseph, and jarenz.

15 thoughts on “Are You BRT Ready?

  1. Brgy.Taptap is one place that should be protected from pollution brought by man. It is only fitting that the effects of BRT to the environment was discussed there. But I am wondering if the environmental lawyer knew and approved of the bonfire which is also contributory to air pollution.
    CREMDEC is a nice location though. Thanks for posting.

    1. well, atty cabrido left immediately after his talk. i think he didn’t know about the bonfire. and im sure he wouldn’t approve of it. but the last activity required a huge space and we would all freeze to death without that bonfire. lol.

  2. i miss taptap jud kaha… nice place au diha….. naka remember sad ko diha me ato ng recognation……… din ayala height pod….

    fog sad kaayo diha…. nindot i balik og anha….

  3. Hooray to the BRT seminar participants! I admire your dedication to a better community, you’re a role model & a good example to all. God bless.

  4. Hi Ley!

    Oi nice pod diay ang taptap…foggy sad ang dating!
    Pasencya na ha? no earth na gyud ko ani…asa diay ang route sa BRT ug ang mga stops… does the operation start now? pila sad plete?
    Basin lang ba ako friends mo-uli ug mo visit diha….LOL

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