The Pacquiao Effect


We Filipinos can easily find something to fight about. We fight about TV networks, political figures, or just any random issue we find interesting. Strangely, whenever we see Manny punching or getting punched,  we become one and we forget our differences and misunderstandings. Hahaha. We’re funny like that.

The Pacquiao-Cotto fight was such a huge deal in Cebu City (and in almost all Philippine cities, I believe. LOL). Like all other Pacquiao fights in the past, this one, as expected, was a phenomenon. Non-gamblers were placing bets, the streets were empty, and people were huddled around their TV sets at home. And more importantly, for a few short hours, we were on the same side and were shouting one name. Don’t you just wish Manny’s fights were on primetime TV every single night? LOL.

Here are some photos that I took during the Pacquiao-Cotto fight telecast.


Escario Street. Where’d everybody go? Hahaha.

Jone’s Avenue. Anybody home?

Fuente Area. Kamingaw. Haha.

Capitol area. This jeepney driver is not interested. Hahaha.

Gen. Max aka Mango Avenue. Kamingaw. Hahaha.

Happy Meals Plaza shuttle service. If you want to watch the fight PPV.

No. They’re not there for the food. Hahaha.

SM City Cebu Carpark. This was already around 1 pm.

Congrats to the main man! Mabuhi ka Pacman! We’re proud of you! (internet photo)