A Wedding In Davao

An OOC (Out of Cebu) Post

A few weeks ago, my good friend Ramesh of Davao Photo Blog announced that he was finally tying the knot. And he said that he hoped to see me and his other friends (Vet of VetLongWalks, Yum of Bored&Crafty, and Line of Gastronomic Adventures) during that very special day. I told Ram that we wouldn’t miss it for the world. We’ve put off all plans of visiting him in Davao in the past and we thought that this was the perfect moment that we’ve all been waiting for. We’d be hitting three birds with one stone, I realized. We’d be able to visit him, check out Davao City, and attend a traditional muslim wedding. In other words, Ram made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. Hahaha.


The couple and the entourage. Congratulations Ram and Jeehana!

All set for Davao City!

We’re finally in Davao City!

We left Cebu at 4:30 am last October 31. By 6, we were already in our hotel trying to get some sleep. LOL.

 We were all so hungry, however, so we decided to go out and grab something to eat. We found a small restaurant right beside Ateneo de Davao. Chicken Hotdog with egg and prawn crackers! 🙂

After breakfast, we toured downtown Davao a little.

Jeeps in Davao City.

The Marco Polo Hotel. I believe this is Davao City’s current tallest.

When we came back, we were no longer sleepy. So, we spent our time watching Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Hahaha.

We went to the Venue (Royal Mandaya Hotel) a few minutes before the start of the ceremony. The venue was lovely!

Wedding cakes. Wow. There were 5 of them!

 I think this guy is hungry. Hehehe.

The mood inside the venue before the start of the ceremony was very festive.

At the start of the ceremony, young muslim men marched down the aisle carrying containers covered with colored baskets. These men are called ‘damak’.

A damak with his food container.

Then, they removed the cover and placed the food on the tables.

Inside was a plate filled with different kinds of pastries and sweets. They are made just for the occasion by the groom’s family. According to the host, these young men walk from the groom’s house to the bride’s house carrying these treats a day or night before the wedding.

The guests were allowed to taste the pastries as well as the appetizers placed on the tables. Wow.

Satchmo waiting for his glass of water. Hehehe.

Mixed fruits and some chocolate cake. Yummy.

Yum, Line, and Vet posing for the camera.

For the couple!

The groom and his entourage.

This was the actual ceremony. Traditionally, the bride is never seen until the vows are made and the wedding is declared legal and binding by the officiating priest. Also, a muslim wedding can never be considered valid if one or more of its basic components are missing. If you take a close look, Ram is standing in front of a man who is the representative of the bride. The groom will say his vows to this representative in front of witnesses. When the ceremony is completed, the bride is presented together with her own entourage.

The witnesses.

Bridal entourage.

Escorted by the groom’s men.

The bride and the groom.

The ceremony lasted for almost an hour. Congratulations once again, Ram and Jeehana!

I’m so thankful that Ram invited us to his wedding. It was such a nice experience.

After the ceremony, we went back to the hotel and slept the whole afternoon. Around 6 pm, Ram told us to go to SM City Davao. There, they picked us up and brought us to one of Davao’s most famous BBQ joints – LUZ’s Kinilaw Place.

A huge slice of fish. Yummy!

The next day, we woke up early to check out Davao’s nice spots.

A street in Davao City.

Projector Under Repair! Hehe.

We reached People’s Park at around 10 AM. However, we learned that the park opens at 1. Dang!

Live, Yum, and Vet with their nice cameras.

Satchmo. Posing lang sa gate. Hahaha.

Take photos of Satchmo.

Ngisi ang baka! Hehehe.

 WHAW – a nice restaurant fronting the park.

A park ranger saw us taking pictures and asked if we were ‘visitors’. We said yes and he allowed us to get in. He, however, asked us to answer a comment sheet.

Tree-lined jog path. Nice.

The dome inside the park.

Rainbow oval! Nice!

City Ordinance. No Smoking!

Can you spot Satchmo?

A young woman carrying a basket filled with local fruits.

The Davao Eagle!

One-leg trick!

This look nice.

Satchmo at the Sunken Garden.

The next day, we woke up early for our flight back to Cebu. Satchmo excited to go home.

At last! There’s our ride back home!

 It was an awesome trip! Ram, and Jeehana, thanks for the invite! Davao is a lovely city!


thanks to yum and line for some of the photos! dull-colored photos are mine. hahaha.

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