Cebu Updates 14


Hey, guys! I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I promise, I’ll update MCPB more often in the coming weeks. Anyway, here are new updates from our beloved Cebu. As usual, I drove around the city to take a photo of some of the latest changes that you fine people might want to know about. Enjoy the photos, and if you have requests, do let me know so I could include them in the next batch. Thanks!


Cebu as of September 2014

The very dilapidated Gotiaoco Building is currently being fixed. Why? They’re turning it into a Chinese heritage musuem.

The old warehouse right next to the Senior Citizen’s Park (just a few meters from the Gotiaoco Building) has been torn down. A new park will be built on the lot. I think it will be called Magellan’s Park. It will be a children’s park.

Cebu’s beloved lifestyle and recreation center is no more. Baseline will soon be torn down to make way for some high-rise developments.

The last remaining houses affected by the M. Velez widening project are finally being demolished.

Jollibee Escario will soon have a neighbor – a new strip mall.

The lot front the Cebu Grand Hotel in Escario will soon be a mall.

A high-rise building is slowly growing right in front of the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug.

Bottle planters are making the city lovely.

Park Centrale at the IT Park is nearing completion.

And the 4th E-bloc building is currently under construction.

This high-rise condo on top of Ayala Center Cebu’s new wing looks really lovely.

The old White Gold building hasn’t changed despite the development across the street.

San Marino Residences near SM City Cebu has been topped off.

The new Robinson’s Mall right beside the old White Gold Building.

City Soho along B. Rodriguez street is looking mighty fine.

This still unnamed structure at the SRP (I don’t know the name. Hehe)

The University of the Philippines campus at the SRP.

The high-end Citta di Mare at the SRP. Wow!

And its commercial component – the Il Corso. Just imagine enjoying a hearty dinner with this view!

SM-SRP’s cube is looking really good.

And the steps are already in place!

More SM-SRP photos:


Here are some Cebu Street photos. In case you’re feeling a little homesick. 🙂

Escario Street near Archbishop Reyes junction

Street next to the ongoing Robinson’s Mall at the NRA.

SRP coastal road

Street to Cebu IT Park and Mabolo

Can you see SM City Cebu from here?

The road from SM City Cebu which takes you to the new Robinson’s Mall.

SRP Subway

Colon Street and Osmeña Boulevard

Downtown Cebu

Love the new street markings

South Road Properties with a marvelous view of SM Seaside City

Islands Souvenirs shops are sprouting like mushrooms all over the city. This branch near the Basilica is a tourist favorite.

What other updates do you want me to feature on my next post? Let me know!

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