UPDATE: I’ve added some ‘before‘ photos so that you guys would be able to clearly see the difference. Thanks to Carlo for the suggestion.

After weeks of work, the first phase of the very controversial Beautification Project is finally complete. Phase one covers the sidewalks of the first stretch (from the Cebu Provincial Capitol to the Fuente OsmeΓ±a.) The second phase, which will cover the sidewalks of the second stretch (from the Fuente OsmeΓ±a to Sanciangko Street) is now ongoing.

Here’s a walkabout of the first stretch. What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment or drop by the poll at the end of this post.

Better? What do you guys think?

Sidewalk in front of the Watsons store on the first floor of the Ma. Cristina building. (Before)


Sidewalk in front of the Boardwalk Direct-Selling office.

Sidewalk in front of CocoMall.

A strip near the Cebu Doctors Hospital

Shot of a two-headed lamp used for the project

The sidewalk front the Cebu Doctors’ Hospital. They’ve decided to keep their plantboxes with steel railings and bougainvillea.

From a different angle

View in front of the Boulevard complex (Before)


Local plants in a plant box near the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

View of the sidewalk in front of the The Strip. (Before)


Sidewalk and waiting shed in front of Bo’s Coffee.

Sidewalk near the Suarez and Sons office (Before)


Wide sidewalk in front of the Dunkin Donuts store.

EXTRA: The old Midtown Hotel is now Summit Circle Hotel.

25 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. thanks for the post, bai Le: here is my 2 cents

    wait shed needs improvement to compliment the new sidewalk. . .bistro resto & beer, et al and terrace is damn good in that place (. . a touch of Europe), provided patron knows how to carry themselves when intoxicated!. . in no way sidewalk becomes a park lot and napping haven!

  2. What I love most are the trees that were not touched! It just looks so green and the shade it gives to passersby. The flowering plants is a plus especially the bougainvilleas!. So yes I love what they have accomplished so far. I just hope that it will be maintained.

    Thanks Ley. I hope all is well with you.

  3. Bai, nindut kaayo imong mga pictures. Passionate kaayo ka about Cebu and it really shows in your work on the blog. Also, Im using some of them for a school project (non-commercial) and I’ll make sure to link to your blog for credits. Thanks again and payt Cebu!

  4. nice….murag atimanon jud ning limpyo everyday.. para nindot siya tan awon… din hope walang sakyanan… like sa first pic ley… me patong na jud sa sidewalk… hope i bawal na nila.. kay maka ali jud kaha….

  5. Looks nice…the more trees and plants the better. With such a nice climate the city should try to have as much greenery as possible.

  6. WOW, I walked those sidewalks when I was there in 2004. Looks so much nicer now, makes me want to visit again. I enjoyed my visit to Cebu CIty and Cebu is one of my favorite places in the Philippines.

  7. the sidewalks look better, pero mas maayo badlungon unya tabangan sa taga goberyno ang mga mangatulog diha sa kilid sa sidewalk. mag-beautification lagi pero useless ang effort kung na-a daghan mga luoy nga makalilimos sa palibot nga makita sa mga tourista. by the way, great blog you have here bai, keep up the good work!

  8. I think it is great that they are exerting some effort in improving the city. If only they could apply this to the most part of the city Cebu would look great. One thing they should really take into consideration is the over head wires. The really should find ways to clean those unused wires. There are a lot of nice buildings in the Cebu but the view of the structures are ruined by the tangled wire in front of the building. Downtown area will definitely look good once they figure out a way to reduce or eliminate those old tangled wires.

  9. Nindot kaayo, Ley and I hope people will make it a habit to throw trash sa mga receptacle so everything looks clean, dili lang pataka ug labay bisan candy wrapper. Habit is hard to change so if you start with small things mas limpiyo pa gyud tan-awon.

  10. oh, i am glad the city is doing a clean-up of this area. gosh, i visited last year and i was shocked at how filthy the place looked esp. the sidewalk in esther’s, the ground was so dirty and i almost didn’t want to step on it…it was kind of different when i was still worked in cebu a few years back. thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

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