First Electronic Billboard Hits the Queen City!

The first Electronic Billboard in Cebu City can finally be seen in Fuente Osmena. It can be seen on the second floor of the McDonald’s Fuente Branch. The screen is owned by a certain ABN company. And the company is now accepting inquiries from interested products and organizations.

Test run. Looking nice!

Note: The photos were taken when the screen was still being formatted/fixed/set up, so no clear images are visible yet. But trust me, the pictures are so crisp, you can cry. LOL


Ribbon Cutting/Opening

Now it’s time for the first run!

Hope more LEDs grace the Fuente area in the near future!

15 thoughts on “First Electronic Billboard Hits the Queen City!

  1. As I recalled, there was suppose to be a planned e-billboard at the facade of the JY Square Mall in Lahug. Unfortunately, it never pushed through. Wonder why??? That place would have been perfect too for this new technology.

  2. This is too funny to pass up!! You’ll never know who you will find visiting your blog..Ang nangutang ug ang giutangan!!LOL

  3. Arthur Balaga.. bayari na tawon to tanan mga benefits nga gipang deduct sa sweldo sa imo mga former empleyado especially sa imo mga uban part owner sa imo kompanya… ayaw tawon dagani kai gamay ra ang cebu.. kibalo ko nga gusto nimo e close ang company kai gusto nimo e forfeit ang mga utang nimo.. unsaon mana nimo pagclose nga dili man mi mo pirma dong kon dili nimo bayaran amo mga benefits..

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