The Queen – Then And Now

Here are some photos of Cebu when she was very young. I’ve included some ‘current’ photos of some of these buildings/places. Take a good look at the photos and see how things have changed.

Some of these photos did not come with a title or description. So, if you know some information about them, please do share.

By the way, these amazing vintage photos were from the Cebu Heritage thread of SSC-Cebu. The forumers there always have exciting and very educational discussions about how things were in the olden days. Specials thanks to Salin sa Gubat for compiling these photos.


Young churchgoers. Look how neat and nice they looked. Covered from head to toe.

3552508806_810f790529_o by you.

A proof that the railway system was once present in Cebu. It is said that Cebuanos preferred a cheaper means of transportation (similar to kalesa and traysikad) and eventually, the trains were sold to Negros.

3560593034_c7114db7c7_o by you.

A train station with passengers waiting in the platform. Cebu would have looked a lot different today with a train station.

3560592974_afe5f5e415_o by you.

A busy day at the train station.

3559778557_2e8c8511ee_o by you.

A train station in Carcar.

3400734119_5288211087 by you.

St. John’s Day or San Juan. Cebuanos celebrate this day by going to the beach.

9fc6_1 by you.

This was the old MCWD building near the city hall. Today, it’s a grocery store.

3401539832_c69e9d9ef0 by you.

Portrait of the Aboitiz Family.

911634010_c28d4e0824 by you.

Another portrait of the famous family.

910782281_97d6e47a63 by you.

That’s the park right in front of the Cathedral Museum.

cebu-march-29-2009-006 by you.

Magallanes Street. Look at those  hats and suits. Really nice.

3510119588_34f499ab8a_o by you.

Calle Magallanes. Wow.

mag6m by you.

Sabong in Cebu. Sugarol na gyud diay sauna pa. Hehehe.

3400736219_4cceb4067b_o by you.

 And the oldest street in the entire country – Colon Street. Wow!

3400736721_3459efa731_o by you.

Getting Tuba. Palahubog pud? Hehehe.

cebu-march-29-2009-021 by you.

Making rope. Uso pud diay ang daster sauna sa? I thought Baro and Saya gyud.

cebu-march-29-2009-020 by you.

Plaza Rizal. I’m not exactly sure where this is karon.

3400736615_3ce5ca42fa_o by you.

Wow. Hotel Cebu/Carl Petersen. I’m sure if that’s how you read it, though. But look at those ladies with umbrellas. Cool.

cebu-march-29-2009-015 by you.

Tres de Abril Street. That river looks exactly the same today.

tres-de-abril2 by you.tres-de-abril by you.


All right. Now let’s compare some of these shots. They may not be very accurate. But at least you get the picture.

Old Cebu – Then and Now.

cebu-march-29-2009-007 by you.Edge Coaster at the Crown Regency by you.

The Port Area – Then and Now.

cebu-march-29-2009-026 by you.

Fuente Osmeña – Then and Now.

3401541116_c61bc2e2ef_o by you.100_2437i by you.

Fuente and view of Osmeña Boulevard – Then and Now.

c by you.Edge Coaster at the Crown Regency by you.

Aduana / Now Malacanan Sa Sugbu

3401540274_84d39d1a7c by you.

Crossing somewhere in Danao

cebu-march-29-2009-002 by you.

The Cebu Provincial Capitol – Then and Now.

3400733941_43525d0467 by you.Cebu Provincial Capitol by you.

Fort San Pedro – Then and Now.

3401541656_a1dd86efd1_o by you.

Plaza Independencia – Then and Now (Subway construction)

cebu-march-29-2009-014 by you.

Freedom Park (?) – Then and Now.

3400736343_e66563111c_o by you.

Magellan’s Cross – Then and Now.

3400735753_4dc5b96667_o by you.9

The Kiosk – Then and Now.

3704835574_ac8ffee9c8_b by you.5

Muelle Osmeña in Opon – Then and Now.

3400735567_2cc1c9cd9a_o by you.

Carbon Market – Then and Now.

3704026893_637a10fa60_b by you.3704026775_2eb1943a2f_b by you.

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