Cebu Street Art

I noticed something on my way to work last Tuesday. There were a few ‘drawings’ on the wall of a house along Escario Street. The drawings were good. No, they were brilliant. They were not the ones made by young kids who just want to tell the world their names (wrongfully known as ‘mga vandals’). The drawings were inspired and well crafted. They were reminiscent of the graffiti you see in Hollywood movies.

I did some research and I learned that a growing art movement is slowly taking over Cebu.

UBEC, Cebu spelled backwards, is a small group of individuals who share the same passion for street or street-related art. Since Ubec is not really a group, anyone who does the same things is automatically a ‘member’. “Ubec” is also used to refer to Cebu Street Art in general.

The movement has been around for a while now. In fact, hundreds of ‘pieces’ (often but not always political in nature) can be found all over the city.

Here are some of them. (Photographed by Uzi and Yum)

The Escario graffiti (beside Bread and Butter)

3-1 by you.

One of the many ‘pieces’ along Gen. Max.

DSC_6051copy by you.

Closer look. The Escario piece.

5-1 by you.

Wow. Nice.

4-1 by you.

Very nice details.

1-1 by you.

Ice cream!

DSC_0349copy by you.

Another wall in Escario (Near Parklane) – Before

DSC_6022copy by you.

 – After. Look at that!

DSC_0314copy-1 by you.

Graffiti on a wall with election posters. Payter!

DSC_2616copy by you.

Jesus stick-up along Mango Av.

DSC_6032copy by you.

Stickers on a ‘mani’ cart.

DSC_6048copy by you.

A piece in Arlington.

DSC_6049copy by you.

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