Kings Of The Hill


Cebu is blessed with very nice beaches, flatlands big enough to accommodate 5 or 6 booming cities, and pristine hills and mountains which give us a commanding view of the metropolis.

One of the most popular highland districts in the city is the Nivel Hills. Nivel Hills is a system of almost-connecting hills in the Lahug-Busay area. All vehicles headed for Busay, Cantipla, Manunggal, and Balamban pass through these hills from Lahug. The Nivel Hills are in close proximinity to PC Hills, Betania Hills and the gated posh community in Beverly Hills.

A few of the very popular establishments on these hills are the Marco Polo Hotel – previously Cebu Plaza Hotel, the showrooms of Honda and Ford, Mr. A and Mr. B., a few factories, restaurants, and bars.


This is the back part of the  Marco Polo Hotel.

101_1357 by you.

A hill just behind the City Lights Garden Condos.

101_1349 by you.

 Some of the very nice houses in the area.

101_1352 by you.

Marco Polo Hotel and the city.

101_1353 by you.

Towers 1 and 2 of City Lights Garden.

101_1355 by you.

View of the city. Awesome!

101_1356 by you.

Tower 4 is almost complete!

101_1376 by you.

Tower 4 and Tower 2.

101_1377 by you.

 The swimming pool for the tenants. Nice. 🙂

101_1359 by you.

Office (?) and the tennis and basketball courts.

101_1366 by you.

View of the towers from below.

The old Casino FIlipino. This will become a multimillion discotheque. Will open in December.

101_1358 by you.

Some of the very nice houses in the area. With view of Mr. A and Mr. B.

101_1350 by you.


View from the Top.

The IT Park Giants and view of the Mactan Channel.

101_1360 by you.

Waterfront Lahug and the CBP cluster.

101_1361 by you.

Pagibig, Cebu Tower, and Parklane Hotel.

101_1362 by you.

Golden Peak Hotel, and the IT Building behind JY.

101_1363 by you.

Gaisano Country Mall and UC Banilad Campus.

101_1370 by you.

Marcelo Fernan Bridge and the Hilton Towers.

101_1371 by you.

Cebu Doctors’ University

101_1373 by you.