Surviving ‘Survivor’

Last Sunday, the SM City Cebu foodcourt was filled with an unusually huge number of people. Upon closer inspection, I learned that they all wanted to be part of GMA 7’s second serving of the worldwide hit reality series ‘Survivor’. Our Cebuano brothers and sisters rushed to the two-day Cebu City leg nationwide screenings hoping to be part of the lucky 14. While I stood there and watched the audition process, I noticed the diversity of the people who wanted to try their luck. It’s interesting to note that in huge opportunities like this one (3 million pesos at stake + countless possibilities!!!), everyone seems to be in the same social standing.

I wanted to audition but when I saw the long long long queue, I decided to murder the Survivor fan in me. Hahaha. And besides, I don’t know how to swim! Even if I make it to the national levels, I still wouldn’t be part of the Top 14 because swimming is an essential ‘skill’ in Survivor. Hahaha. Oh well. I think I’d have to work even harder. Maybe in 40 years, I’d have that 3 million pesos in my pocket. Bwahahaha.

 Anyway, we all know that only one guy or girl will eventually bring home the three million pesos. And the casting is indeed a very long and difficult process. So, I would like to congratulate all those who auditioned. You never made it but you survived ‘Survivor’. And that’s a start! 😀 Payt Bisdak!


The screening stage of GMA 7’s Survivor Philippines Season 2

Survivor Philippines Season 2 Cebu by you.

The line reached the other end of SM City Cebu. Wow!

Survivor Philippines Season 2 Cebu by you.

I think about 80 percent of the people who auditioned were guys.

Survivor Philippines Season 2 Cebu by you.

Stage 1 screening (by 10). If you’re good, you’ll go straight to Stage 2. For this group, only one made it to Stage 2.

Survivor Philippines Season 2 Cebu by you.

These 4 dudes are waiting for their turn. They’re moving on to stage 2.

Survivor Philippines Season 2 Cebu by you.

They had to face the host of the show Paolo Bediones and another guy (I think a casting director) and answer their questions. After the interview, only two of the five guys made it.

Survivor Philippines Season 2 Cebu by you.

Here’s Paolo Bediones talking to those who were waiting for their turn.

Survivor Philippines Season 2 Cebu by you.

There’s my cousin Bang-bang. She went to SM at around 10 am and she was interviewed around 4 pm. She didn’t make it. Hehehe

Survivor Philippines Season 2 Cebu by you.

For the first season, four Visayans (3 Cebuanos) made it to the Top 14. Good luck to our Cebuano and Visayan bets (I hope daghan masulod).


22 thoughts on “Surviving ‘Survivor’

    1. @takdol
      everytime i connect to the link above it just direct me to open facebook to my acct. so what do i need to do next?

  1. Ley, this is something that you have to train for prior to the audition…. you have to show this people that you are naturally athletic/inclined and they can tell that through your physique…. it is a very gruesome experience, i guess very rewarding…. dave and i had a friend that made here US version but he was a US army ranger almost his entire military career… he was very well trained in the military and when he auditoned he got right in…. he said it was very physical and mentally challenges they toy w/your mind…. the military brigade and special forces does that as well coz’ they want you to succeed on your assigned mission…. but Ley, it does not hurt to try….

  2. sorry for the typo, mispelled works, grammatical errors just got off work and very excited to read Ley’s version of Cebu survivor……. more power to you Ley!!!

  3. naa ko diri sa cebu karon from oz and nakita ni nako sa SM. pagkataas gyud sa linya. even the next day, naa pa guihapon. aynalang pag-audition ani ley, oi, barikoson ka ani by the time ka ma-interview…hehehe

  4. Luisa – To join the MCPB group in Facebook, you need to create a Facebook profile/account first if you don’t have one.

  5. helo bisdak`s… naka joined nako sa blog sa FB…thanks leylander mwahhhhhhh… sunda najud akong flyt hehehehe…cu nextwek Sugbo mwahhhhhh…

  6. hahah!payter kaau ning mga cebuano…bisag unsa wlay atrasan!maau nlng kay kabalo ko mulangoy!hehe=)

    uso diay ang FB diha!sulay kuno ko ug create account,FS rmn gud naa nku!

    Gudluck nlng sa tanang cebuano na nkuha sa survivor,sayang dli meh kakita ani kay kapamilya mn meh TFC.

  7. @marvejhon pwed podka tanaw sa libre.. naa gipang post ang mga shows from GMA or ABS.. here is the link you can watch videos from pinas.. pwed raka dle magpa register ani nga site and ( kini sya u hav 2 register,ky aron ka makaview sa mga shows dd2..) o nahala cge share langko sa akong dont know if you ds already… tc sa mga bisaya mwahhh

    1. tnx sa info voice4u!i already have an account sa youtube kay naa mn sad ko gipang-upload na mga videos pro i will try…tnx=)

      Gudluck and Godbless sa imoang flight!


      take care…

  8. Kumusta bay Ley, just wanna say good day to everyone. I hope that cebuanos will survive this global recession.It’s sad seeing someone lose their job because some irresponsible CEO whose being paid millions of dollars did not care about their job.This bunch of lowlife scums need to be held accountable for what they’ve done.If i have my way, i would put a bullet on those scums and put a dollar in their pocket cos that’s how much they are worth.A 7 year old child could have done a better job than a 50 year old CEO… adios amigo.

  9. @leylander: why don’t you join you will have more avid readers and serious visitors to your blog from there. this blog is really good and deserves more worldwide exposure.

    with regards to this post, i’d rather join Amazing Race. =)

  10. I once joined the first season audition in Manila last year. I started around 11 am, got interviewed at about 7pm. I passed for the stage 2, but never got to go to the next round.

    Dili nako mo usab, not because na burn out ko. Dili lang nako hilig ang showbiz. Hehehe..

  11. gud pm 2 all,,

    season 3 audition kaylan po b?

    hind man ako nkpsok s season 1, ngaun magkikita ulit tyo,,

    season 3.. txt nyu nlang kaya ako,,



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