Lake Danao Park

We left Mangodlong Rock Resort at around 4 in the afternoon. Our driver, Manong Ban-ban said that he’d first take us to Lake Danao Park so that we could enjoy the place while the sun was still up. Since we didn’t know the way around, we could only say yes. Also, we didn’t really know the spots in Camotes, so we basically let him take us to the places usually visited by tourists. (And yeah, I’ve seen many photos of Danao Lake before, so I wasn’t surprised that it was one of our stops.)

According to Manong Ban-ban, who was pretty cool because he always had something to say, Lake Danao Park is where the annual Soli-Soli Festival (Camotes’ own festival) is held. True enough, when we saw the sign along the highway, it said, Lake Danao Park/Patabog – Soli Soli Area.


This one is an unrehearsed shot. But knowing that Harry knew that I was shooting, I bet he was acting.

On our way to Lake Danao Park. Camotes is just lovely. You won’t see jeepneys or tricycles, or buses. Sometimes, you won’t even see people.

Manong Ban-ban and his cool shades. And Harry.

The sign along the highway.

Welcome to Lake Danao Park!

Awesome view. Agree?

Wooden bridge. And some visitors who arrived a few minutes after we got there.

A speed boat. According to Manong Ban-ban, Lake Danao is actually a dive site. So, I guess divers use this boat to get to the midde of the lake or something.

The lake from another angle. It’s just so huge!

Jump shot. A requirement.

The jog path circling the lake. It’s pretty creepy when you jog alone, I tell you!

A few hundred meters from the picnic area. All right, this looks innocent. But I swear, the place is just scary. It’s not just I-have-a-bad-feeling-about-this-place scary. It’s you-never-know-what-is-going-to-jump-out-of-the-bushes-and-grab-you scary. LOL.

I guess this one is the Soli-Soli Area. It’s big enough for a dance presentation.

The picnic area.

Final shot before going to the Tumibo Cave. Haha!