Fluvial Procession 2012

We woke up early last Saturday, January 14, 2012 to witness the annual fluvial procession. Since we’ve been witnessing the yearly procession, we decided to wake up extra early to make sure that we get a good spot. The fluvial procession has become one of the most well-attended events of the Sinulog season. So, arriving at any ‘viewing points’ just minutes before the start of the procession is such a bad idea.

Every year, on the eve of the Fiesta Senyor (the day before the fiesta,) the image of the Niño is brought back to the City of Cebu. After one whole day in Mandaue City, the image is brought back to the Basilica through a traditional fluvial procession. The procession starts at around eight in the morning and culminates in a holy mass at the Basilica at nine.

Here are some photographs of this year’s Fluvial Procession. Hope you enjoy the shots.


Pit Senyor!

We arrived at Pier 6 a little too early. So, I decided to take a couple of extra shots. Here’s a shot of the Radisson Blu Hotel right beside SM City Cebu.

Reflection shot. Hehe.

Here’s the Sinulog dance of some port workers. They do this every year.

They had body paint and grass skirts. They really came prepared. Good job, guys!

Pose for the camera!

A few other early birds. Hehe.

A few minutes later, when more people started to arrive, our Badjao brothers and sisters also appeared. Hehehe.

This family came with a small kid. They’d leave t he kid on the boat while they dive for coins.

The kid hangs on while his mother dives for a 5-peso coin.

Now safe in his mother’s arms.

A few minutes later, the procession started.

Except for the Niño’s ‘galleon,’ boats are not allowed to move too close to the pier.

Leading the armada was, of course, a team from the Coast Guard. They make sure that no boats are on the way of the procession.

A very colorful boat.

Guys on a boat applauding the dancing port workers.

More boats! Notice the Roble ship is also filled to the rafters.

More boats with festive colors.

A wonderful shot of some people near the front of their boat.

As the Niño’s galleon became visible, the huge ships docked began to blow their horn.

The image of the Niño as well as Cebu’s patron saint Our Lady of Guadalupe of Cebu.

The image of the Niño in a golden glass vessel.

On another boat, I saw Ka Bino (guy wearing black hat.) Hehe.

More boats. Wow! Just too many boats this year! Wow!

And more boats!

A nice-looking small boat with yellow banderitas.

Look at that cute umbrella for the Niño. Nice. Hehe.

A small boat with far too many people on it. Hehe.

This one looks stuffed, too.

A guy enjoying the scene.

Awesome spot for taking photos. 🙂

There they go.

Wow! So many boats!

And there’s more!

Cute family photo.

Wow. Nice looking boat.

I wanted to know exactly where the boats go after the procession. So, we decided to investigate. Good thing we were on my motor bike. So, we were able to go to reach the SRP in just a few minutes. This is what we found out. Apparently, a good number of those who attend the procession are from Carbon, Pasil, and Ermita.

Waiting for the arrival of the boats.

And one by one, the boats arrived.


Passengers being unloaded.

Wow! Look at that!

More people getting off the boats.

And more boats about to dock.

Pit Senyor, guys!

17 thoughts on “Fluvial Procession 2012

  1. I almost a hard attack looking at the hanging baby! good thing ang bata nikapyot dyud! Ma-abilidad!

    These are real nice pics, thanks for sharing. I watched the fluvial too but from atop the bridge so these pics offer another look at the fluvial. awesome!

  2. pag ka daghan naba jud nagoyog… nice pics ley..

    nalooy ko bata doh.. pag ka gamay pa ato niya oi.. and i dont think so kamao na ba to mo lakaw….

  3. Great and colorful pics bai Ley!i wish mka apil sad ko one day sa fluvial procession!!!
    hangtud karun naa pjud diay ang atoang mga brothers and sisters na mga badjao dha sa pier…normal na na dha!mkahinumdom ko sauna agsa college pko,mgbyahian ko sa barko dapitan to cebu,during sembreak,early morning inig dunggo sa barko naa jud na sila mag panun!mao diay bisan lalum kaau ang makuha nla ang piso na imo gilabay kay bata pa lng gi train na sila!!!Pit Senyor…

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, made me homesick and wished I was there. Sa America ako gapuyo since 1976, tagsa ra akong maka attend sa Pista Senyor pero dili gyud kalikayan nga maghunahuna nga atua didto nag participate, wala pa ako ka experience nianang fluvial parade, looks exciting. Sa inyong mga nindot nga retrato dili kalikayang naapil ang basura sa daplin sa pantalan sa syudad, I just wish nga ang mga residents with the Cebu City government will worker harder on keeping the city clean not only sa suruyanan sa mga tourists, for health reasons too. Again, thank you for sharing.

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