Spankin’ Fresh: The New Cebu City Hall


Ladies and gentlemen, fresh from the renovation – the Cebu City Hall! Tahdah!!!

The new city hall looks really awesome. The old building was definitely an eyesore. It looked very old and rugged. But now, the city hall looks really fresh and modern. I can’t wait for the new pavers they’re going to put in front of the building as well as the renovation and beautification of the area around the kiosk of the cross of Magellan! Go Team Cebu!


View from Magellan’s Cross

City Hall of Cebu

New glass and all! Woohoo!

New doors and new stairs. And I think the building has chandeliers in the lobby. Woohoo!

Off-limits to the public. For now. Be patient, guys! Hehehe.

No more dirty park lots and benches. Yay!

Red pavers coming soon!

And right in front of the tourist bus stop, a spankin’ new pocket police station which is open 24 hours a day. It has service police motorbikes, too! Cool!



6 thoughts on “Spankin’ Fresh: The New Cebu City Hall

  1. Looks very nice. For all the promotion of Cebu you’re doing, Ley, the mayor should give you preview access and a personal tour!

  2. so the city officials are no longer holding office in a used to be a haunted atmosphere. . it is a wonderful legacy for mayor TO when hes steps down.. . hope all officials and employees are transparent as the window glassses. . yaa..yee.. yeh!

  3. I was there in Cebu Nov. 2007 the construction was ongoing, now look at the finished product, bigat and dating! wow bonga gyud and Cebu…..

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