MCPB Updates 6

My computer crashed today. I was about to transfer a few photos that I took when the computer suddenly went dead and, after a few seconds, turned back on again. I thought that it was nothing until the same thing happened again a few seconds later. The computer would restart and just when things are booted up, it would start all over again.

I asked a computer technician and he said that the problem was with the memory. Toinks.

I wasn’t able to make copies of my photos. I made a little calculation and I realized that I lost 8 months-worth of photos. Waaaaah! So sad.

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  1. Leylander that is so sad. Couple of months ago I bought an external hard drive and I now backup everything of even the remotest importance to it weekly. You have my sympathies.


  2. It happened to our new computer, my ex who has a home-based accounting service, lost the important files that he typed in there. I laughed & said to him, you’re supposedly to be smarter than the computer because man made it. Then he said, yeah, but the computer has a good memory! LOL

  3. if its memory, why would you lost the photo??? thats weird .. if there is no problem with the HD then your photos will still be there.. your photos did not reside in the memory, it resides in the HD ( Hard Disk ) 😀

  4. i really can’t answer you because i know nothing about computers. lol.

    but the technician said that we would have to reformat. and i had to buy a new memory.

    do you think there would have been a way to save the pics?

  5. i’m also a tech dodo, but i experienced that, and i do not think ur memory is affected. it might be better to check with other computer tech or your IT people at office.

  6. i am not a computer expert, i only learn troubleshooting my computer by self learning.. ideru is right, if the problem is your RAM/memory then it wont affect your files. and i dont think the real problem is your memory because you were able to restart it right? i feel like you were hit by a virus, its not on the hardware.

    bai, get another technician next time.

  7. original from @ley ;
    (anyways, ill just update at the office since the pc is still in ICU)

    unsa man ning pasabut nimo ley, naa ba nimo karon ang Hard Disc? kung naa ni nimo karon pwede man ni nimo i-check sa ubang computer ( panghulam na lang sa uban) ug adto na lang tan-awon kung naa pa ba ang importante nimong documents, di ba?

    pero kung ang hard disc naa nagtaon pa gihapon sa computer nimo ug karon nareformat na sa technician imong computer may posibilidad nga mawala tanan nimong files.

    mas maayo mangita na lang kag mas expert pa nga technician Ley. makapahibulong man gud ngano mang gireformat dayon nga wala pa masiguro o ma check kung naa pa ba mga documents…

    kung expert siya mas una niyang gipakita nimo nga safe ang mga documents nimo ug dili ang pag-una ug ayo sa imong computer.

  8. LOL, advice ni sa akong bana Oi! dili ni akong words.

    bogo man sad ko sa computer ug ang ako rang bana maoy naglihok-lihok sa maintenance ani. LOL

  9. hehehe.

    @nalimot: mao lagi. reformat na lang gyud ang paingnan ani.

    @Lyn: mao lagi. gi-reformat na gyud ang pc. papas na gyud ang files. sige na lang oi. hehehe.
    pero sayang gyud. hehehe. 🙁

  10. Leyland,
    sayang, pwede pa unta tu ma salvage ang imo computer. dili ko ka judge sa technician kay pulong ra man nimo ang ako gisaligan. apan when he said memory ang problema, pwede pa man unta tu bunluton ang hard disk sa imo dautan na pc nya ibalhin sa lain. also, kanang reformat last recourse na siya kung di na gyud pwede ma basa ang imo files kay physically iya i-delete ang files. kung delete lang iya gihimo pwede pa ma recover ang files by undeleting it using tools such as norton etc.

  11. thats more of a virus. sige ka gamit ug usb flash drive bai? or do you access the memory card of your cam sa laing computer? one more advice, avoid surfing porn sites! hehehe.. just kidding.

    bai, tell your technician to do disk partitioning so that you can save your files in the in the other drive (like drive D) and not on C (which usually the root drive). just in case your pc needs reformatting, your files will remain in tact.

  12. @kuyamad and haha:

    lagi bai. actually gitangtang na tung murag green nga murag chip sa technician. iyang gi-limpyohan. then gibalik niyag butang. restart2x gihapon.

    then, gidala niya sa ilaha then gitaud niya didto. restart2x gihapon…

    so mao to nga nag reformat na lang gyud mi.

    gipa partition na nako. nanay C ug D.

    Dili ko mag porn sa akong pc oi kay mahadlok ko kay daghan kaayo kog files. Hahaha. Adto ra kog internet cafe. LOL.

  13. @leylander, yup there is , you could have attached your HD to another computer and do a back up before you proceed with formatting you pc. Darn what kind of technician was that.. i reformat then palit bago memory?? kay mag sige og reboot.. ?? then the problem must have been in the hard disk not in the memory, nag bad sector imong HD.. but still data can still be recovered..

    and next time, be sure to do a back-up, upload your pics to online albums or write to a dvd/cd or whatever media and do a hard disk sometimes 😀

    sorry.. sound so geekkkyy.. work hazard 😀

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