Cebu’s Newest Landmark

Redjie and I were on our way to Banilad last Saturday when we passed by the recently completed complex of the Church of Latter Day Saints in Lahug. I read in the newspaper that before the complex and the temple (most especially) become fully dedicated, members and even non-members will be allowed to check the place out via guided tours and lectures.

I stepped on the brakes just in front of the complex and told Redjie to ask the guard at the guard house if the place was indeed open to the public. And guess what? The newspaper wasn’t lying. Hehehe. The complex is open even to non-members from May 21 to June 4.

So, Redjie and I didn’t think twice and we both just decided to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit a place that means a whole lot to the members of the Church of Latter Day Saints.


View of the Cebu Philippines Temple in Lahug, Cebu City at night.

View of the temple from the street. The temple looks marvelous!

The famous gold statue of Angel Moroni.

View of the park space in front of the temple.

View of the temple and the gorgeous palm trees.

Holiness to the Lord. The House of the Lord.

Those palm trees are going to look really nice in a couple of months.

Very nice side-walks.

I’m not sure but I think those are the living quarters of some members.

Front view of that nice building.

Cebu Business Park highrises. Lovely view!

I’m not sure what this building is called. But this was where the film-showing was held.

See, while we were taking pictures, a member approached us and asked if we were members. We replied that we weren’t. The member suggested that we proceed to that building (pictured above) so that we could join the guided tour. Well, that’s exactly what we did. We walked in and the members greeted us warmly. We were lead to a nice room with a huge tv set in front. There were others who were already there. The film about the history of the LDS was only about 10 minutes long. After the video presentation, the guided tour started. Our tour guides were a nice Cebuano couple. They asked us to turn off our mobile phones and cameras during the tour

The most sacred place on earth for the members. To enter, tour participants must wear foot pads (given right outside the door).

The tour was simply amazing. And the temple was just so so so awesome! The numerous rooms inside were really magnificent. Some of the rooms that I remember were the Baptism Room, the numerous Dressing Rooms (used by members to change from street clothes to all-white garments), Waiting Rooms and the Celestial Room (just magnificent).

The tour ended a few minutes after six. All participants were then lead to an activity hall where we were given free biscuits and fruit drinks.

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Visit the temple now!