MCPB Updates 8

I got a text message from Mam Teeling saying that her sister, Mam Vivian aka ‘ianne’ has finally arrived in Cebu. She said that she knows that Mam ianne is a regular of MCPB and that she would like to surprise her. She said that it would be great if we could all have dinner together. I readily agreed and we decided to meet in Fuente. I dragged Masil along so that Mam ianne could also meet her.

When we arrived in Fuente, Mam ianne, Mam Teeling, and her husband Sir Ren, were already there. They easily recognized me and Masil when we went in. Mam Vivian hugged me and pinched my right cheek (she later pinched my left cheek para kang Brownie daw. Hahahaha)

Dinner was awesome. We had pizza and chicken and ice cream! Hehehehe. Mam ianne was so cool. She shared to us how overjoyed she was when she ate Binignit earlier that day. She also mentioned about the Masareal that she bought. Mam Teeling was also very great. She was really fun and smart and she paid attention to every little thing that we talked about. Sir Ren, too, was cool. He was silent most of the time but he was very accommodating and friendly.

Masil and I have nothing but good words for Mam Ianne, Mam Teeling and Sir Ren. It was really fun. They’re very cool people! Thanks for dinner! Hehehe.

Mam Vivian aka ‘ianne’, Masil, ug ako. Ngisi-ngisi gyud! Hehehe.


Mam ‘ianne’ and Masil!

Sir Ren and Mam Teeling

Chicken! Hehehe.

Hmm, what should we have for dessert?

How about some ice cream, Mam ianne?

Yeah. Let’s get ice cream!

Hot Pizza! hahahaha.

Yay! Ice Cream!

Group picture! [nag CR si Sir Ren ani]. Tan-awa ang crew sa luyo! Hahahaha.

Mam ianne gave me a shirt, a Swiss Army perfume, and some Canadian moolah! Hehehe. Thank you Mam Vivian! =)

Hay! I’m glad I made MCPB. Hehehe.

 Hope to see you all guys soon. =)