Probably one of the most visited spots in the whole of Mactan Island is the seafood district in Baranggay Mactan. Referred to simply as ‘SuTuKil’, the network of restaurants and souvenir shops sits right next to the Mactan Shrine where Lapu-Lapu’s monument stands and where the Bahug-Bahug reenactment is held every year.

SuTuKil stands for ‘Sugba’ Tuwa’ and ‘Kilaw’. Not Shoot To Kill. LOL. Sugba means ‘to grill’ or ‘grilled’. Tuwa refers to Tinuwa – seafood soup with a strong sour taste. Kilaw refers to a seafood dish made up of onions, sili, ginger and raw fish (or any edible seaweeds) marinated in vinegar.

The SuTuKil restaurants sit right next to the beach. So you get a nice view of the beach while you fill your tummy.


You get to pick the fresh fish you want cooked.

This is the view of the beach at night.

101_1304 by you.

This is the view during the day.

Low tide. 🙂

View inside the restaurant. A few seconds after this shot was taken, about 20 koreans came in. It was a riot! Hehehe.

101_1305 by you.

Nanaygun. 🙂

101_1311 by you.

Shrimp soup. Very yummy!!!!

101_1312 by you.

Grilled fish. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Soooo yummy!

101_1313 by you.

Adobong Pusit (Squid)

101_1315 by you.


101_1316 by you.

Kilaw: Guso!

101_1318 by you.

Baked Scallops

101_1319 by you.

 Thank you TeKris for the treat. Nakasulod na gyud ko sa SuTuKil. Hahahaha.