Su-Tu-Kil: Cebu’s Ultimate Dining Destination


Probably one of the most visited spots in the whole of Mactan Island is the seafood district in Baranggay Mactan. Referred to simply as ‘SuTuKil’, the network of restaurants and souvenir shops sits right next to the Mactan Shrine where Lapu-Lapu’s monument stands and where the Bahug-Bahug reenactment is held every year.

SuTuKil stands for ‘Sugba’ Tuwa’ and ‘Kilaw’. Not Shoot To Kill. LOL. Sugba means ‘to grill’ or ‘grilled’. Tuwa refers to Tinuwa – seafood soup with a strong sour taste. Kilaw refers to a seafood dish made up of onions, sili, ginger and raw fish (or any edible seaweeds) marinated in vinegar.

The SuTuKil restaurants sit right next to the beach. So you get a nice view of the beach while you fill your tummy.


You get to pick the fresh fish you want cooked.

This is the view of the beach at night.

101_1304 by you.

This is the view during the day.

Low tide. 🙂

View inside the restaurant. A few seconds after this shot was taken, about 20 koreans came in. It was a riot! Hehehe.

101_1305 by you.

Nanaygun. 🙂

101_1311 by you.

Shrimp soup. Very yummy!!!!

101_1312 by you.

Grilled fish. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Soooo yummy!

101_1313 by you.

Adobong Pusit (Squid)

101_1315 by you.


101_1316 by you.

Kilaw: Guso!

101_1318 by you.

Baked Scallops

101_1319 by you.

 Thank you TeKris for the treat. Nakasulod na gyud ko sa SuTuKil. Hahahaha.

27 thoughts on “Su-Tu-Kil: Cebu’s Ultimate Dining Destination

  1. pastilang lamia ana uy…… dili dyud ko masipyat ug bisita diha kda uli . . . “NO PROBLEM” nga restaurant lami dyud…….cool pics

  2. I will make it a point to visit this place
    when I visit Cebu again. Been hearing a
    lot of buzz abt this place. Food looks yum

  3. Wow! Mingaw na kaau ko ani. The last time we were here gi bundakan mi ug ulan perting kusuga. Nindot kaau tanawon ang dagat nga nag ulan. Nindot ika tolog after sa lunch among lunch nga perting lamia! Lapok lang kaau pag paingon sa sakyanan. Pero ok ra. Worth it kaau ang experience.

  4. thank you ley, moanha gyud ko inig abot nako sa Cebu karong Oct 14 (a month stay for R/R) yeah, looking forward to the place …. the only thing i cannot understand is the “adobong pusit” pls. no pun intended but are those like little snakes? pls. let me know if i’m wrong….

  5. i came back last august with my whole project team( foreigners tanan ) and i brought them here! lamian kaayo sila! 🙂 Didto mi sa Manna… we were not disappointed!

  6. Pusit (squid) also known as nukos locally are sliced to form into rings. Tungod kay rounded na ang edges inig kaluto, mora tuod ug little snakes. Kalamares kong i-fry. Try also squid rings for snacks. Lami!

  7. All this time I thought it was Shoot To Kill hahahah! ‘Told my husband (who is the Cebuano in our house) and he gave me that unbelieving look.

    I wanna return to Cebu! Lami Kaayu!

  8. Ley , dad- a nya ko dinhi kung pauli ko puhon ? … he he i want to eat shrimps . all different style of cooking basta shrimps .
    thanks for the pics Ley… magpagutom lang ni . ha hay .. i cant wait to come home again …

  9. Leyland,
    Because your pictures are unpretentious, non
    controversial and nostalgic, this site is truly a Sugbuanon site. I have eaten at SUTUKIL a couple of
    times (the last time being last May), now you are causing a “mass craving”. Mani-udto na lang ko ug sinuka-an nga buwad bolinaw ron. How about making a round at “punko-punko”, take a shot of folks, sweating while
    slurping that “tinuwang tangigue”, or some candid actions at the smoky “Larsian”.
    Again, I appreciate you
    A little suggestion: How about putting the captions of the pictures at the bottom
    intead of at the top

  10. Ang No Problem ang kinanindutan nga sutukil. Pero ayaw mo og adto karong buwana kay wala’y langaw. Sa Pebrero, daghan kaayo og langaw. Hapit ko gidagit sa mga langaw.

  11. Oh yes , we use to come here to eat upon arrival with my whole family !!!
    I always miss the our seafoods and the way it is cooked .

    ” usahay init lang kaayo or alimuot ” withour aircon ….

  12. Hi,

    I’m from Sarawak Malaysia.

    I just drop by…..nice blog, but I can’t understand you language.Anyway keep in touch.

    I hope we can became good friend bco’s I lookong for new friend from Phillipine so that I can get some information….especially story….from there.



  13. Lami gyud bitaw ang sutukil diha dapita.

    But the bad thing about the sutukil in that area is the price. Patuyang pud ug pamresyo ang mga tindera abe duol man sila ug “tourist spot.”

    Tiaw mo na…I asked how much is one mamsa, a kind of fish. It’s P300 for the fish alone! It doesn’t include the service fee for cooking the damned fish, which is the price of a usual fish dish in a restaurant!

    Didto sa merkado, ang mamsa is only P140. And remember, you still have to order your side dish, your rice, your drinks.

    And if you eat in barbecue restuarants such as AAs, Andok’s, or Neo neo, just a tad more than P100 lang ang dish.

  14. Este lugar es lo mas lindo que eh visto es un paraiso oja que algun dia pueda viajar y conocerlo bueno es algo dificil pero no pierdo las esperanzas , soy de El Salvador en centro america y no sabia de El Salvador en el caribe es lo mas bello gracias por esta pagina que Dios los bendiga.-

  15. Hmmm…. lami! Ahh… I can’t wait to go back there sometime… All the tastes and the fun…I could really use that… Well well… My friend was in mactan earlier… he posted his stuff on Yummy Cebu….

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