Simala: Pilgrims’ Paradise


The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist is a church in Sibonga for the Marian devotees. The church is very popular among believers not only because it is considered the home of the image of the miraculous Virgin but also because the place is truly amazing and stunning. The Monastery is the place where the ‘Mga Monghe ni Maria'[Monks of Mary] live. 

Below are the photos of the church. Also check out Satchmo‘s gallery. He decided to tag along today.


Mama Mary 

Facing the other mountain

Front view

View from the top

The church.

Awesome architecture.

The main gate


Angel and a carabao

Giant statue.

The most photographed area.

Please respect.

Welcome to the monastery

Church facade

Devotees in line to kiss the image


The church was jampacked.

 The interior. The church is still undergoing some finishing touches.

The image of Mama Mary

Click on photo for full view.

The main altar

Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth

View from the church. Click on photo to see bigger copy.


Prayer Chapel

Statue of the good Shepherd

View of the church

People take a short break to eat their lunch

Kainan na!

A reflexology area for the tired feet.

The wishing bell


Falls and carabao

Open dining area

Sisters selling lunch

Satchmo relaxing under the sun!

More of Satchmo’s photos in Simala here.


Going Home
As Old As Time

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