Blessed Are The Faithful


 The Basilica Minore del Santo Niño is one of the most visited churches in Cebu. The church gets regular attendance from devotees who live as far as Sogod in the North and Samboan in the South.

Due to the huge number of churchgoes especially on Sundays, masses are usually held outside – the Pilgrim Center. I’m not sure how much the capacity of the center is. But I’m pretty positive that it’s more than three thousand.


Here are some photos of regular attendance during Sunday night masses at the Basilica.


In line for the communion

No space!

Imagine how this place would look like in January.

After the mass. People waiting for the 7:00 PM mass.

Next Mass: 7:00 PM

Church facade

Near the church convent

The courtyard

Praying to the Niño.

The fountain.

Jesus Christ.

Main altar.