The National Heritage Town of Boljoon

One of the most AMAZING towns in Cebu is BOLJOON. Boljoon is not only famous for its southern twang, it is also widely known for its well-preserved heritage trail. Walking through the streets of Boljoon will give you the creeps. And when you look at it’s age-old bell tower, you’ll realize just how much you’ve missed all these years.

This church was built in 1782. Wow!

This has got to be the most beautiful bell-tower ever!

Church of Boljoon

Church facade.

Closed on Black Saturday.

The convent beside the church.

The arch facing the national road.

The church and the convento.

The very famous ‘Southern bend‘ of Boljoon.

This park facing the sea rocks!

The National Highway.

The Carcar Stopover
Sun and Sand at the Vaño Beach

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