OAD Tabor Hill: A Place of Prayer and Meditation

Life in the city can be quite hectic and stressful. Good thing there are places in Cebu like the OAD Tabor Hill in Talamban. The OAD Tabor Hill is a place for worship, adoration, and meditation. Built by the OAD Mission, Tabor Hill is a safe and quiet space where the faithful can reflect, pray, and meditate. Nestled in the hills of Talamban, the OAD Tabor Hill is quiet and relaxing but still conveniently located just thirty minutes from the city center.

OAD Tabol Hill is only a few minutes from Talamban proper. But since I didn’t know where it was located exactly (it was my first time,) I got lost along the way and ended up driving for almost 20 minutes. But thanks to the kind hearts of locals in the area, I finally figured out where I had to turn and which side streets I’d have to take.

Anyway, according to a research that I made, the OAD Tabor Hill is named after the famous Mount Tabor in Galilee. Israel which is considered the site of Jesus Christ’s transfiguration. In Cebu City, the OAD Tabor Hill is located just behind the North General Hospital in Barangay Talamban.

As soon as you enter the compound, you will see a steep road which rises towards a group of structures on the second level.

On the second level, you will find this store which sells religious items. Also located nearby are a canteen, a prayer room, and a candle-lighting area.

I also saw a small columbarium in the area. A columbarium is a structure with niches where ashes of cremated individuals are kept.

Moving further, I saw a giant statue of Senor Santo Nino at the foot of a long staircase.

The long staircase takes visitors to what appears to be a chapel or a church at the third level.

To the right of the staircase, you can find an image of the Virgin Mary. In front of the image are concrete benches and platforms for kneeling. This is an ideal place for praying as there are several trees in the area.

Next to the image is another staircase which takes visitors to the level where the ‘chapel’ is also located.

Before heading up, I decided to explore further and discovered this neat little garden.

The garden features the passion of Jesus Christ. Each stop has a concrete bench and a kneeler.

Finally, I walked up the long staircase and reached the third level. I discovered that the building at the top wasn’t actually a chapel or a church but simply a huge hall for various activities.

And behind the hall is the giant Millenial Cross which can be seen from miles away.

Near the cross is the Adoration Chapel where you can pray without any distractions or disturbance.

I continued walking up the hill (towards the fourth and last level) until I saw this. The mound is man-made (I believe from a nearby construction site) and planted at the top were three wooden crosses. If I am not mistaken, they used this set-up during the Holy Week celebrations.

Several meters away is a beautiful prayer garden. Because of the tree right in the very middle, this area is cool and nice even in the middle of the day.

I was slowly making my way back to the first level when I saw this. Scattered all over the compound are the different stations of the cross. This one is located right at the side of the hill.

A small passageway near the foot of the hall leads to the Garden of St. Rita of Cascia.

The garden of St. Rita of Cascia, the Saint of the Impossible, is one of the compound’s most visited spots.

Here, visitors can marvel at the image of St. Rita and the wonderful view of the city behind her.

Have you been to OAD Tabor Hill in Talamban? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!