One Cold Morning in Cebu

So I got up early today. Like real early. I wasn’t in Cebu around this time last year so I thought that this year, I’d try to cover as many Sinulog-related events as I can. So, yeah. I got up at 3:30 am. I only had about two hours of sleep.  And it was drizzling. It’s been raining on and off the whole night and getting out of bed was just too painful. But, hey! It’s Sinulog and Santo Niño and Cebu. Three of my most favorite things. So, why not?

So, I drove real quick to Fuente Osmeña to witness the annual Walk With Jesus dawn procession. The Walk with Jesus procession marks the beginning of the Sinulog Season in Cebu City. It was super cold. Maybe this had something to do with the freaky weather in the United States. I don’t know. But people didn’t seem like they were bothered. All I saw were thousands of people standing in the rain, holding their rosaries, candles, and Niños, and softly singing the gozos.

It was a cold morning, all right.  But seeing how everyone was united in prayer and sacrifice was enough to warm this little Sugbuanon heart of mine. Viva! Pit Senyor!

A regular early morning in Cebu.

Wet, and cold, and quiet.

Well, not really. Hehe. The other half of Jones Avenue is already teeming  with life.

Amazingly, the rain completely stopped when the procession was about to start.

A few devotees scurrying to find a good spot before the start of the procession.

And so it begins.

The carroza or carriage carrying the image of the Niño.

The carroza is usually surrounded by church officials and personnel.

And followed by thousands upon thousands of devotees.

They just kept coming. Like one big river of light.

The sight was just amazing. I recommend you see it with your own eyes at least once.

Devotees singing the gozos as they slowly march towards the Basilica.

The other side of Jones Avenue is all quiet and empty.

The other side, however, is a completely different story.

I stayed until I saw the tail end of the procession.

The tail end of the procession is mostly made up of small vehicles and motorbikes.

The Fuente Christmas Tree looking exceptionally lovely this morning.

Good morning, guys! I’m going back to sleep. Hehe.

Pit Senyor!