Lovely Sibonga

Next on the list is Sibonga – another southern heritage town just thirty minutes from the City of Carcar.


Sibonga town church – one of the loveliest town churches in Cebu

The interior of the Sibonga town church. What a beauty!

I was totally blown away by the artwork on the ceiling. Just lovely!

The main altar – simple and unique.

The walls show how old the structure is.

Unlike any church window I’ve seen before. One of the unique features of this church.

Confessional near the front door.

View of the town church from the small garden in front.

The very old church walls. Gorgeous!

Quick visit to the Marian Monastery in ‘Simala.’


Visit Sibonga now!

12 thoughts on “Lovely Sibonga

  1. my dad was stationed at the camp (phil. constabulary) when I was in high school. we would go to sibonga friday night and go back to the city sunday evening. we’re talking beautiful, beautiful beaches! it was bliss getting up in the morning and go dive in the warm waters, get called back in to have breakfast, go back to the water, called back in for lunch and head back to the water until it’s time to go back for supper. the sunset was spectacular! fishermen bringing in their catch for the day. aaaaaah memories!

    1. busiest days are weekends and wednesdays. and every 13th of the month. if you go first thing in the morning, you should be ok.

  2. Sibonga is a beautiful town rich in culture and tradition,currently the town is well improved in terms of environment and businesses.

    last visits few months ago

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