MCPB Updates 2

We checked out Parklane Hotel’s dinner buffet today. Php 595 / person and that’s exclusive of any drinks. Kinda steep, huh?

When we went in, my camera was ready and I was so excited to just shoot away. First, I shot the awesome chandeliers at the lobby. They were gorgeous.


But when I tried to shoot again from another angle, the flash just stopped working all of a sudden. I thought it was just a case of ‘wrong-button-pressed’ but I was wrong.


When I tried shooting the main reception area, the picture got even darker.

Until eventually, the photos I got were all black.

So, this is it! My beloved camera is gone! It just suddenly stopped working.

I never leave the house without this camera. And now, it wouldn’t even turn on. Oh, wow! How depressing!

I guess I will just have to post the photos from Line and Vet, then. And after that, I think MCPB would have to take an unexpected break until I get this camera fixed. Hope I find a service center that doesn’t charge half the original price of the camera. Haha. Until then, guys. =)

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  1. I am very sorry to hear about your camera. I hope it will be fixed or have another one soon. Ok, Ladies & Gentlemen, have an open mind & wallet!!=)

  2. maybe this is a sign that its about time to upgrade your camera. not necessarily buying the expensive models, or better yet, why not try going DSLR, bai, although mahal-mahal lang gyud nuon. i can see you have a good eye for composing pictures, you should pursue your talent in taking pictures to the next level 🙂

  3. sige lang bai ley, hapit na pasko, basi naay mo ambit nimo ug digicam, medyo dili bitaw comfy ang SLR kung dala nimo pirmi, mas bagay sa imoha ang point and shoot type digicams . . . daghan naman ka fans, so, dili madugay naa na unya ka bag o nga cam. . . 🙂

  4. Ley,

    Kalooy sab na-yatap diay imong camera. 🙁 Hmmm..unsa kaha pwede solution ana sa? Maypa mag-fundraising na lang ka sa imong mga readers, kay murag ubay2x jud naka benefit sa imong photoblog da. Suggestion lang pero pwede sab i-true. 🙂 Naa raba unta ko i-request na nice project para nimo da. Sige, email lang ko ni in privy.

    Mga readers sa MCPB, what do you think is the best thing we can do for Ley? *hint Paypal!*

    Good luck!

  5. Nana, I agree with you 101% about the fundraising. So, I say, Ladies & Gentlemen, open your minds & wallets!!=) I already sent mine ($50.00) with my pics to be posted on the Bisdaks Abroad. So, follow through, Ladies & Gentlemen!

  6. tikla, through Western Union. You need Leylan’s full name & contact number, maybe address too. Please let’s help Leylan.=) God bless you.

  7. Leylander,

    This is my first time looking at your blog and it is very unique. I think those chandeliers are beautiful. Even though the other pictures didn’t turn out well it looks like a nice place.


  8. @ tikla,

    Familiar lagi imong username…common noon na ang tikla and I used to know one na naa sa Australia. Taga-AU ka? Basin kaila ta. 🙂 Just in case, NanaYanna ni.

    @ley, ga-email ko nimo re: donation thingy!

    @ianne, good job! 🙂

  9. If you are outside the Phil, check FOREXWORLD in your city. They’re very realible to send ‘pera and kahon’. Ley can pick up your remittance from any Banco de Oro branch.

  10. ma’am ianne and ma’am brownie – as always, grabe kaayo inyo support nako. salamat kaayo. bisan wala pa ta nagkita. hehehe. aw, kita na diay ko nimo ma’am brownie. hehehe.

    ma’am nanaYanna and ma’am victoria – salamat pud kaayo sa inyong pag-supporta. hehehe. bisag dili ta kaila personally. hehehe..

    sige lang, ill try my best nga update pirmi ang site as soon as ok na balik akong ‘tool of the trade’. hehehe.

    salamat kaayo ninyo tanan. enjoy2x mo diha sa snow/winter ninyo diha kay hapit na raba pasko. hehehe.

    tonight na ko mo-email kay di pwede ka-email diri sa opis. hehe

  11. leyland, it is a pleasure to be able to help you
    out. i am glad for those who step up to the
    plate with their generousity. that’s what friends
    are for as ianne said. good job, to those concern.

  12. ley, unsa man options nimo in buying the new digicam…murag taas taas dyud nuun ug abtunon ang G9, pero daghan man pod diay maayo nga medyo hapit na maabot sa mga donations . . lumix, kodak and sony have digicams less than 20k nindot pod ug mga features….excited na mi makakita ug new set of uploads once naa na ang bag o nga digicam….good luck…

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