Christmas in Bindoy

(An Out of Cebu Post)

First of all, thanks to my cousin Hikel for allowing me to use his computer. Hehehe.

I hope you’re not fed up with my Out of Cebu Posts yet because this post is all about my trip to Negros. Again. Hehehe. Anyway, we went to Negros last December 24 because my aunt promised to give us lechon for Noche Buena. Hahaha. So, long story short, we arrived in Dumaguete just before lunch on the 24th. But before we got on a bus bound for Bindoy, we checked out the new Robinson’s Place in Dumaguete. The place was nice. A bit bigger than our old Robinson’s Place in Fuente. But the guard at the front door was a bit rude just because I had a camera with me. Apparently, you’re not allowed to take your camera inside the mall. Yeah, totally weird.

The long road home. Gorgeous sight!

Robinson’s Place Dumaguete

DLANHS. This was my mom’s high school.

Tricycle ride to the house.

You remember Jacob? That hunky 6-year old cousin of mine? This is his new baby brother. They call him Tyson kay mura kuno ug si Tyson ug nawng. Hahaha.

My grandma and her friend preparing two big kalderos of rice.

My uncle preparing the table for the lechon.

My aunt Mingga washing the pancit.

Candies for the kids!!!

Smile, kids!

Uncle Manuel and my cousins.



Silkworm farm.

Bam-i. Almost ready!

At last, the lechon is ready!



Wa na! Napikas na ang lechon! Hehe.

Exchanging gifts! Everyone’s excited!

Intermission number! Nobody, nobody but you! Nice one, kids!

The dancing kids were given a reward – 2 pesos each! Hehe.

Traditional Negrense Christmas Carollers. Each song usually lasts more than 10 minutes.

Giant nukos! Kalami!

Relax-relax sa kalubihan.

On our way to my uncle’s house.

Remnants of an old sugarmill.


Coconut field.


My little nephew.

Kat-kat ug lubi!

Wow! Fresh from the tree!

My cousin doing it like a pro.

Kabir cock. Grabe kadako!

Hinay-hinay lang ma!

Paningkamot gyud day. Hehehe.

Ah! Grabehag nahurot ninyo oi! Hehehe.

Going back to my grandparents’ house.

Afternoon inuman.

Til next time, Bindoy! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Christmas in Bindoy

  1. Ah! Ley, you n your mum had a great Christmas in Bindoy. Mura man ug fiesta ilang handa. Kanindot ba ninyo diha. Dre boring man ang pasko. Looking the foods gigutom hinoon ko da. I remember that 1st photo in your previous trip there. Nice to see everyone are happy, old n kids. Alex (my son) can’t believe how the man climb the coco tree. He said its amazing.


  2. What a great window into your Christmas in Bindoy. The air must be fresh there kay green kaayo and tanan especially the nice grass underneath the coconut trees-pagkahayahay kaha dinha magyaka ug kaon sa butong.
    Pagkalami man tanawon sa “butong”, Ley-if I had a choice between that or the inasal-hand off sa butong ko. It is years since I had one.
    Thank you for the vicarious experience!

  3. Hahay! It’s really time for me to visit home. Gutom man pud ta ani oi! Hope to see and taste what Cebu is all about again!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful family, gorgeous place, what a perfect way of celebrating x’mas. Glad to know that you had fun, Ley. Gwapo kaayo si Tyson. Yummy nukos!

  5. Nindota nga pagsaulog uy. Way pakurat nga pabuto, way aso sa pulbora, way alingug-ngog nga karaoke, way trafik nga makalangan sa oras… tininuod nga paghugopay sa pamilya ra gyod. Sadya kaayo ang imong pasko kay nakahatag ug kalipay sa tanan.

    1. @billy… nindot jud nga pagsaulog! it’s truly “Christmas in our Hearts” and traditional pinoy style. Ganahan ko na makasaulog pareho ani inig bakasyon puhon. Tinud-unay na paghugopay sa pamilya ug mga silingan….

      @ley… thanks a lot for sharing your experience. it was like my childhood days diha sa Oslob ug Argao! Kudos for the job well done and keep on sharing!

      JFA of Miami

  6. ley. parehas man pd sa amoa dire sa among bukid. Patag lang sa inyoha.. amoa kay bakilid. hehe wala lang me na murag nag fiesta kay crisis pa man sa amoa.hehe

  7. Ley,
    One of the reason why your photoblog is heavily visited is because in some ways you help us reconnect or keep us connected to our roots. Your pictures are real, up to date, humble, and honest. Robinson’s in Dumaguete made a big mistake when they barred your from using your camera. They have squandered the opportunity of being seen internationally. That was very ignorant of them. Wait,
    when SM will open their mall in Sibulan area. I am also intrigued by the silkworm farm. Is their a silk industry in Negros?

    1. Thanks a lot @Ingko. 🙂

      About the silk industry, i’m pretty sure that it’s huge there. Because my aunt told me that their worms are from Bacolod. So, i guess there are also silk worm farms in bacolod…

    1. Hi Kent, I think you are the Kent I know (son of Yo Ruben-Luz Amarante). I hope I can contribute Bindoy photos on Leylands’ website. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Regards to you Mom and Dad and your sis.


    2. Hi Kent, I think you are the Kent I know (son of Yo Ruben-Luz Amarante). I hope I can contribute Bindoy photos on Leylands’ website. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Regards to your Mom and Dad and your sis.


  8. makamingaw man ni imong mga pics dhong oy pero heartwarming pod kaayo…. it truly brings back good memories of the days that were. lamia nang mamutong oy! pero hinay-hinay na ko ana cz nagdaut gyud akong tiyan when i did that atong pag-uli nako last june. i guess, wa na maanand akong tiyan. pero lami gihapon hilabi na kung lamawon. ay tsalap!

  9. thanks for sharing with us your christmas, ley. you are so blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate christmas with your extended family. there’s nothing like christmas in the philippines!

  10. What a great post. I’ve never been to Bindoy, but I love that place!

    PS – I’ve never seen a silkworm farm. Do your relatives sell the worms, or do they make silk? How do you keep the worms from escaping?

  11. Hi! I just found out about your blog tonight. I don’t know you personally but I definitely know the place where you have spent your holidays… and I also know the people in the pictures that you have in your blog.

    I really appreciate what you have done… sharing your experience in a sleepy little place in Bindoy, particularly at our hacienda in Barangay Tinaogan.

    If you allow me, I would like to share some information… and would also like to answer some of the questions that your readers have asked.

    On Silkworms: this is a livelihood project of the 1st District of Negros Oriental Representative, the Hon. Congw. Jocelyn “Josy” Sy-Limkaichong, funded by her Priority Development and Assistance Fund (PDAF). This is run by an association headed by your Aunt Mingga. Although the project is still in its infancy, the lady solon gives her full support because she believes that this would prosper because of the members’ interest in making the project succeed.

    On the photo captioned “Silkworm Farm”, those are actually Mulberry trees. The leaves of these trees are the main food supply of the silkworms that raised in a building called the Rearing House.

    The silkworms are delivered by the supplier (Oisca) and after 20 or so days, the cocoons are harvested by the association. Oisca is also their ready buyer. A representative from Oisca goes to Tinaogan to get the cocoons and brings it to Bago, Negros Occidental for processing… and this becomes the silk.

    Once again, thank you very much.
    Kudos to you!

  12. k. Schoolmate nako si Marilou tepacia. Ahead sya nakog 2 or 3 yrs sa Tinaogan Barrio high School(now DLANHS) 😉

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